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Knite: Chapter 2 Bonus

By yuumei
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This is a short omake for Ch2 of my project: Knite Knite: Chapter 2 by yuumei

Chapter 1 Knite: Chapter 1 by yuumei
Chapter 3 Knite: Chapter 3 by yuumei

In case the story was a bit ambiguous... basically, in chapter 1, Kai already knew Sen didn't go to school so he purposely used that topic as a conversation starter to get Sen to open up. Sneaky little son of a politician XD Too bad Sen doesn't appreciate being manipulated :D

I feel like all the omakes are just for Sen to abuse Kai XD Fufufufufufu Sen gets angry and violent very easily, especially with someone like Kai. You'll find out where Sen gets his violent influence from in Chapter 3 and that's also when the real plot starts~~~ :D

Translations to other languages can be viewed here :iconknites:
If you are interested in translating Knite, please read this yuumei.deviantart.com/journal/… Thank you!

Drawn in Paint tool SAI, texture added in Photoshop, flash comic programmed in Macromedia Flash.
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I've finally found the picture that became a "this is sparta" meme on pinterest lol. I love this comic and in my opinion, it would make an awesome anime/animation. It's different. The story isn't shoved in your face and flows naturally, even its plot is simple (And I don't mean that in a bad way!)
It's like a coming of age story without dangers to bring the characters together. 
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A very nice cartoonWink/Razz 
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Anyway to see this on mobile?
NileVirusisDOPE's avatar
I downloaded it and still can't see it :(
Panda-Bonda's avatar
I'm only at chapter two but I already love this story!
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I have to say the same. This story is addicting. @___@
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I love how these two interact :XD:
Ludicaris's avatar
These two are just way too cute~ ><
ChristyFluffball's avatar
Never lie to Sen! Great bonus! Now I'm on to Chapter Three! ;)
thedemidod's avatar
I think Sen is my spirit animal/person
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I Really love the Persona of Sen. I Really do. REALLY DO *~*
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This is cute. I like Kai.
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XD This is great. I adore this comic series of yours!~ ^^
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awesome slam dunkin of a book xD
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Kai reminds me so much of Hide from Tokyo Ghoul...
The resemblance makes me cry. Mimori Crying Icon 
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i thought i was the only one T A T
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no you werent.. Chiyo Crying Icon 
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Haha I did the same thing to my brother when he lied to me XD except I hit him with a slipper
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