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Knite Ch5: Beta pages 1-7


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I decided to try something new with Knite. Instead of uploading each individual beta pages on my other :iconknites: account, which is a hassle to switch between two accounts, I am going post the beta pages here in strips :D If you're the kind who want wait for the entire chapter to come out, simply don't clip on the beta strip updates. The strips will be posted once or twice a week, so you won't be flooded with daily updates either.

For those who are not familiar with Knite, you can read chapters 1-4 here:
Knite: Chapter 1 by yuumeiKnite: Chapter 2 by yuumeiKnite: Chapter 3 by yuumeiKnite: Chapter 4 by yuumei

For the entire Knite gallery, visit…
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Wow **
Excuse me, but can you upload all the fonts you use in Knite in a pack here or send me by email? I've seen them before but I suppose I don't have them in my collection for now.
I think the comic strip idea is cool and all, but I miss the individual pages. It looks like you spent more time and effort it them, and I think it shows. That was actually the reason I started reading knight. It didn't just have a good plot but beautifully colored pages; ones that I could sit and drink in every detail. The comic strip pictures seem simple, and I suppose that's the way comics are supposed to be; but after all the flash comics that's just not whet I expected of Knite. I get that you might not be able to do something that time consuming anymore, or really like the comic strip(which is pretty spiffy)...but please know that your flash comics will be missed!TT¬TT
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The flash comics aren't gone! ^^; She used to post future chapter pages in progress every other day or so on, but now she's showing samples in progress via strip form like this. :XD: Don't worry, once she's done, she'll put it into flash form. I prefer that format too, and that's why I don't really follow the beta pages frequently.
Aaahhhhhhh ok ^^'; I kinda hope she goes back to pages though>.<(sorry yuumei)
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awwww sen's saaaad that's sooo cute!!!
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I love your coloring. This story is really inspiring and I love the meaning behind it
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So Amazing!! I like that city light..
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great! you drew all this?!
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Ohhh, excitement! I like your strips idea. <3
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i like sen's new outfit
wow, great that you stop posting the beta on your knite account, it got confusing. also wow didn't think that fei would try to take over, I thought she would slap sen and try to get him out of his emo sulking, can't wait to see what happen next
HatsuneKatana-Walker's avatar
Oh, my. Don't quit yet, Sen. You can do it!

I really love the story and I'll be waiting patiently for the next. The art, too is wonderful, beautiful even. Good luck~! ^_^
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I love Knite and all your works and concepts. As a rabid figure collector it would be cool to see some characters made into figures and collectibles.
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I have been checking deviantart constantly in wait of fifth chapter, please, as fast as you can!!!
As she said, she's really busy with other stuff, and with Fisheye Placebo coming out soon, she can't bust out Knite like a machine. So don't rush her and let her do her thing. I'd rather have an amazing chapter after months of waiting than a rushed, low-quality chapter that I waited a few days for.
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Sen, just because you're all sulky doesn't make the world stop spinning. Better do something and go MAKE KAI COME BACK /shot
I mean go start flying kites again or Fei's gonna take over! Poor Sen I have a feeling he doesn't want to fly the kites anymore.... Dreams were crushed ;A;
I think a lot of the point was that flying those kites is counter-productive towards the environment. So now Sen has neither his friend or motivation to do something that's the opposite of the cause he's aiming for.
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Ye Fei, you tell him gurlfriend.

But wow, I literally squealed irl because this just made my day. <3
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Can't wait the 5th :D
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O MY GLOB! continue!!
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Please continue it soon!

I can't wait! :D
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Aaaaaaah can't waaaaait!!!! XD
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