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I had a sudden urge to paint iridescent colored hair. It didn't really come out the way I had imagined but I still like the result. The Chinese on her back roughly translates to "humans must be selfish"

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Beautiful work!!
IchigoKurosakiLuver's avatar
This is Beautiful! (not just saying because I freakin LOVE long hair! xD) It's sooo good! ;D
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Absolutely beautiful!! :heart:
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this makes me want to cry from how beautiful this is
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What is it meaning?
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This has layers to it that give both emotion and intellect constant stories.
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it's funny how i translate "humans must be selfish" with google and i have litterally zero characters in commun xD
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Yeah, allot can be a bit greedy in our appetites that's for sure. Luckily there are no lighting strikes for the time being.
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I like the hair and Chinese characters on her back!
I like everything about this ^w^
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WOW! I love: the subtle colors in her hair, how the rain hits and runs off her body, the tattoo is awesome!
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i love the tattoo and her hairsyles
Komakai17's avatar
Stunning ! I like the way ou draw her hairs :)
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wowza this is amazing. i love it
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it look so awesome :)
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