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In Your Twilight

By yuumei
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I wish I could still watch the twilight with my best friend if she were still here. My dog passed away 2 years ago and I still miss her everyday. 

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Wonderful. Simply Wonderful.

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Amazing landscape! I like how you painted water its looks so real.
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I love this! Its so beautiful :3
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Your pictures are inspiring me to write poems, its always kind of a message in them, at least for me.
If there is a message of the creator, it is often too difficult for outsiders to find that out, even if they think they could, I dont think that I can that too, with the message, that I see, I'm meaning the way it makes me feel or what it reminds me of.
I don't like to analyse Poems in class, its like ripping the artwork in to pieces and forgetting about the whole picture, its a bit cruel.
However, I love your pictures and some day, I want to put some of these on my walls to be more able to write.
Thanks for drawing these beautiful thinks and I hope you wont stop, because I'm sure,
that there are other people too, which you are inspiring,touching.

Have a good day ^^
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Wow.... this is amazing.
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it sometimes feels that lonely
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This painting is stunning! The clouds and their reflections are beautiful.
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Featured on Geekscape of the Day: geekquestioner.com/content/185…
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Really beautiful work! The different types of clouds you included really make this stand out.
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I really like the clouds in this one, various forms and colors, super beautiful. I love clouds and sky so its really good to see your artwork <3
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wich program you use?
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This is beautiful.
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Asuna Teary Icon Just beautiful
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This looks so REAL! Thought it was a photo!
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I love taking my dog for walks just before sunset. This is a beautiful picture. 
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 Love this
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Your work continues to look more and more realistic—and yet out of this world, retaining your style. The way you express your imagination will never cease to take my breath away <3 <3 <3 Glad to see you back :)
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Your ability to express emotion in art never ceases to awe me.
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Oh my god... This is awesome piece!!!:happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: 
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Fantastic scenery.
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