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Improvement Meme

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I jumped on the bandwagon! :D

Looking back was fun, but man, I was one depressed teenager back then. Going to college was the best thing ever, it allowed me to distant myself from the source of all my woes.

I'm on spring break now so I'll finally have time to get back to all those notes and commissions that's been pilling up ^^;

Edit: Read this if you think I'm lying about my progress... (as in I couldn't possibly have drawn those things when I was 13... should I be flattered or offended?)

Some people said "Wow, you drew those when you're 13?", but someone is accusing me of avoiding those questions (wtf, aren't those just rhetorical questions?) and how "the facts don't add up". All in all, this person thinks I got something to hide. What can I say, all those works are in my gallery, submitted in those years. If I plagiarized, don't you think I would have been caught already?

If I said in the comment section of a drawing that I drew it years before submission, but in this meme the dates are the dA submission dates, then that's because I don't keep track of my dates. When I made this meme, I just looked at the submission dates on dA. If there's a discrepancy in dates, then it just means I actually drew them earlier than I thought...

I know the quality fluctuates a lot. How well I draw depends on how inspired I am. Also, you can tell by browsing any artist's gallery that their latest work isn't always their best work. I also switched from traditional to digital media, and that took some time to get use to so my initial digital drawings weren't all that great.

Lastly, I have many styles. I don't believe one style is the best and draw only that. I try to create new styles depending on the subject of the drawing. Basically, I believe style should match the content.

If you still think I'm lying then there's nothing I can do.
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I like your explanation, but sorry, you weren't 13 nor 14 nor 15 when you drew all these... every artist improves, not always in style and favorite topics, but definitely in basics (lines, shadowing, composition). Barely a change can be found in the drawings you claim to have drawn over 6 years - yes, in style they are some, but not in technical progress. Especially over the time becoming an adult you always see differences, and therefore I think that you indeed may have something to hide.

Don't understand me wrong. You can do whatever you want. But as you see in the comment section, it is very discouraging for other artists - many of them as young as you claim to have been - to see the very advanced drawings of 2003.

If I am completely wrong, please don't feel insulted: Feel like an amazing, incredibly talented person if your claims are true. If I am right, though: Shame on you.

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LavleyArtHobbyist Digital Artist
A Yuumei Improvement Meme? O H M Y G O D :la: please update it! I am desperate to see more of your art journey! :heart:

Also I think all your suffering made you become a real passionate artist. I sense the pasion in every one of your artworks.... there is so much soul in every piece. I wish I could put my soul into my artworks too but idk how to do that^^;
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LoboSolitario19Hobbyist Digital Artist
OML you're amazing!! I think that you're simply gifted. I love all the details in your drawings, keep up the good work! :D
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THIS IS REALLY discouraging for me T-T
i have to try harder
(cries in corner) 
but nice to see your progress 
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Clailow Digital Artist
Ikr~ But there are some artists who start off just.. plain terrible and in just a year or even less become so amazing! Just look at other examples of improvement memes and you'll see how it's really possible to get this good. It just takes a lot of practice, also knowing what direction you want to take your art
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juriTanakaHobbyist General Artist
The most discouraging meme of this site. With 13 I drawn stickmen. And now with 23, I can't draw the quarter of her with 13... It's me? Maybe I should stop.
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You are so awesome! You have such an amazing talent!
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SueJinHobbyist General Artist
STOP LOL. this is depressing af xDDD but omg ur amazing ughhhhhhhh I'm so sad pls cri cri cri cri idk whether to be motivated or just sad hahaha I htink I'm both lololol ur amazing man you really are 
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HarimiiStudent Digital Artist
This is weird but, I prefer the art you did when you were 13 ! 
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TerfoxieHobbyist Digital Artist
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theinquisitor201Hobbyist Digital Artist
*looks at your 14*
*looks at my current art*
Hahaha yass I have a chance I will become amazing liek you sempai I will catch up very soon huehueheu
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TeaAndSarcasmStudent Digital Artist
Omg I'm 13 now and my drawings look literally terrible compared to your age 13 drawings! ;_;
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Oh shit when I looked at your drawings at age 13 I got very intimidated :P. You are very talented, srsl ! And you just started sculpting and your results were amazing <3 . Respect :P
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Wow, I always come back to his to see how gorgeous you were with details and effects! Very talented artist, how you used to draw animals/humans was very awesome!! It shows in your comics now. I used to sketch cartoony and my drawings were lighter and not so realistic.

haha, everybody is taking about her being so talented at age 13 and being bummed about it but you can't let it discourage you from drawing. Everybody grows differently as an artist and has different styles XD
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JoeyAktoshHobbyist General Artist
Wtf at age 13.....
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InnocentSeekerHobbyist Digital Artist
*Looks at Age 13*

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JoeyAktoshHobbyist General Artist
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Oh god. I get it now. You're... You're... You're some sort of a superior entity that came on earth to grace us of your grandness, aren't you ? Well I'm glad you came. 
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mlplpswinxclubStudent Filmographer
You were so much better than me when you were thirteen and twelve I'm not as good as you and I'm already thirteen
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orange2577Hobbyist General Artist
Are you going to do another one of these soon? I would love to see the contrast of the old and new artwork :)
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fuzen9kiraiHobbyist General Artist
oh god
i was wondering how you drew when you are much younger
and when i found this
looked at 13
i was shocked
you are so talented, sempai!! And Im glad that you decided to become an artist :) because i have few friends who are just like you but doesnt really want to become one (something like wasting their talents)
keep up the good work~!!
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TechneCreationsStudent Digital Artist
You're stuff was always beautiful<3
You're one of my favorite artists on dA.
Your mastery of light, color, perspective. You give everything you draw an almost surreal and beautiful style. Thanks for all you do<3
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xfumikuxHobbyist General Artist
*look at 13*

... ._____.
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