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If a Tree Grows

By yuumei
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If a tree falls
Some like to ponder
But I like to wonder
If a tree grows
Then why don’t we plant it?

Protecting our forests and planting new trees is our best defense against climate change. Join the fight at

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esta genial (,;

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If it's already growing, I wouldn't mess with it. It's probably doing the most good right where it is. 
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are you implying that climate change isn't real??

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so you are saying that it isn't real and it's all for the money

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Well, i'm glad you do see the problems like with the ocean being so polluted for example. I think that just because a prediction doesn't come true does not mean "global warming is fake" I do totally acknowledge that the government is corrupt as fuck and will take any chance they can to get our money, but I still do believe in global warming. It's honestly indisputable at this point in time.

Whether you believe in it or not, our planet is in danger from other things as well and we need to be doing something about it so we don't kill off species and pollute the ocean so much that it eventually becomes uninhabitable.

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Your work is fascinating, different from everything else, I love it. You are an amazing artist.

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In our country, the campaign "Planting 30 million trees" is actively operating

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🙆‍♂️ SΓЦИИIИG❗✨ΔЯƬ❗️🖌🎨🎭ЩФЯҜ⚛👌👏


and shared at ЯHΞSSФ CLЦБ

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Wow! This really gets you thinking. The artwork is incredible!

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You posted this just before the situation in the amazon forest, isn't it? wow smh 
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Lovely work, the sapling's colors really stand out. Also thank you for the link to the eco group, I have been looking for one. 
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oh my gosh ,, my tears fall becuase of your Art, very beautifull and affectional
thank you to remember this part of human being .
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This is exactly what I have in mind! I realised it already at high school when we talked about climate change and the risks. Especially living in a country that has used forests as 'green gold' for centuries to come it strikes very hard to the heart people here aren't seeing the truth and the damage around. The previous government made many awful decisions to get rid of a huge number of precious forests, even those naturally grown. One problem is that the wood cutters can't see the forest from the tree, they only think it's material to be cut down instead of looking at the thing as a whole.  And the fact stands that the Northern forests are one of the most valuable forests in the fight against climate change, and in those there's something, almost like magical you can't find elsewhere. And the nature is quite clean in some areas too.

Another problem is that trees in Finland grow slow because the climate is cold, and trees are chopped before they've even reached adulthood. A 70 years old spruce is merely a child, yet those get chopped down and become furniture and other things... which shows in the poor quality of the product too. And the forest as an ecosystem needs those old trees as well for the younger ones to grow strong. And not only the trees need the old ones but many animals and insects as well! This is just because the first forest people think is most valuable of protecting is the rainforests (I understand it's an ecosysteme that will never grow back once destroyed), but we should not forget others as well. All the forests in cold climates and the Northern-Hemisphere usually get left in the dark but:

this fight is lost without the inclusion of the Northern forests! Though not to forget rainforests either, and mangroves and that! Each one should stand proud and tall! 

And what we must all do is:
plant new trees everywhere, and ensure that the old trees now growing shall keep on growing too!

Not to forget animals like birds and squirrels are especially good at tree-planting (you know, they forget many of their hoards and many of those start to sprout ^^), so if you can't plant a tree, make at least space for the nature's gardeners to do their job and give them earth to do that. :heart:

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Very cool work! 2.1-223 by N-Paint-tattoo  
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I swear, that faceless/heavily shrouded individual in the hoodie is really giving off a serious 'Grim Reaper' vibe.
Feels appropriate considering the scene/backdrop of death and destruction.

I don't know if that's what you intended, but your concepts... there are no words. Wow! 
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I'll add Rainforest Trust to the list.
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A Deep message indeed!
You are making the world a better place believe it or not!!
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There is now very bad situations at Siberia.
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Climate change could be better fought if we would just plant some hundreds of thousands of trees! Why we do not do it? Because "Climate Change" became a billion dollar industry, that's why.

Great art, but very depressing, especially after looking photos from Sibiria. Business not interested in growing forests, it costs a lot and takes decades or even centuries.

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