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I was still feeling art blocked so I just kept doing more practice studies. It's of Jessie Li again, I think I just really like her angry face lol.

The original photo didn't have Chinese word on her face. The word means "I".

HD image and Video process on

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Have a question. Can I print and hang on the wall in my house?

One of the best pictures i've ever seen in my entire life.

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you are wonderfull
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J'adore , magnifique a tout point de vue. Félicitations
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Hats off, you are hands down... Let's put it this way... If there's anyone greater... You are better ( not to quote puss in boots) 
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Yeah, she must have some thoughts of self dedication in her mind by the look of things.
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I like the WO face paint
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Awesome. I will draw her if you don't mind.
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Bold... I like it.
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oooh i like this style the way it's almost photographic but still a little blurred and artistic around the edges is cool! Also the way the white paint really looks like white paint on skin.
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I super like this one.
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Amazing texture! :love:
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Looks so realistic, amazing work!
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This one is sooo beautiful. *_* i love it <3
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Ohhh this is very cool!  I love how you rendered her hair - it looks great.  c:
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Wow its so realistic!
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It's nothing new but your skills really are amazing.
Both lightning and shadowing, textures and all are amazingly well done. I want to touch her hair so bad—!
Also, her gaze is so deep and firm and just so... alive, it's breathtaking.
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Looks very lovely!
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