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Hope and Despair



Despair is the inaction that keeps us down,
Hope is the will to create a better tomorrow.


I'm thinking of holding a contest to promote environmentalism, what do you guys think? :D
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there are elements to my comment / critique / analysis of this beautiful symbolic and metaphoric work of art that are contingent to scenes and elements of the movie the Matrix, you can take the blue pill. IE swallow hook line and sinker of everything the corporate money men controlled media and authoritarian governments try to push down your throat ,as the girl on the right is doing " living in a stagnant state of fear because that's how they try to control you" or you can take the red pill , think for yourself question "authority" authority of which its self is actually just a social illusion , and create your own unique personal reality from the true unique and original self that you were born into this world to be! as the girl on the left is doing... lol and I might ad as well she's doing it exactly like I do! ...making beautiful positive art au natural in her birthday suit! ; ) so cute! <3