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Hope and Despair

By yuumei
Despair is the inaction that keeps us down,
Hope is the will to create a better tomorrow.


I'm thinking of holding a contest to promote environmentalism, what do you guys think? :D
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great idea, great paint

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I love this concept of yours. I saw your other one too with the girl painting. Powerful image and message. 
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Lovely pic!!!!!!!!!
Check it out it's my head haha love it
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Sometimes I like boy on left
Wen I dance
Wen I with friends
But other times I am boy on rite
Cos I am khassi
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So stunning and meaningful !!
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It's amazing just beautiful I love it Love Worship 
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I Love it! amazing work!
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my religion teacher have this Picture used for the lessons xDD very interessting art ;o beautiful ....
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very interesting and thoughtful picture. i ascribe to this belief in my own life in constantly working hard.
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A beautiful lie and the ugly truth
Very good job, in my opinion is the same child marking a before and after contamination. The left represents the desire, and the right reality.
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The competition sounds like a great idea!
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Also, this is a beautiful, powerful peice.
I love how you made the transition in the middle, and the stark contrast of shades while using colors that complemented eachother very nicely.
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"Hope and faith are the rallying cries of the lazy; the excuses of the weak." -Jorhan Stahl
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I think you should definitely have a competition. It's very fulfilling, you have a good theme in mind, and while it may be a lot of work, it's worth it. Especially for your watchers. 
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Super awesome concept. Its like the left and right side of the brain. lol well done !!!
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