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Hidden Paradise


It's been so cold lately that I find it hard to draw. Frozen fingers are no good for painting.I'm dreaming of the warm sunny day in a greenhouse of plants :)

Better Tomorrow by yuumei At The Crossroads by yuumei Wonder by yuumei The Sky Beneath My Feet by yuumei Boundless by yuumei

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I am fascinated by your works! it's great!

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i think i just found my new PC background image!

I Love It!!

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Just like a dreamy paradise Jack's Tears-Jacksepticeye (request) 
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yuumie, your work is amazing, just one glance of it and I'm already head over heels for it. Just when I thought I had enough I click on another and find 10 more even better works! All of my backgrounds are from you. The world really needs more creative artists such as you. I don't know what I would've done if I sticked with that bland Minecraft wallpaper! I respect you, and your work. Please, never stop doing what you do best.
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Cold fingers are the worst! They make it hard for me to do clay too.
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holy hell, I wish I could do backgrounds like you I can never color them right. amazing work, i've peaked around your gallery and your art is a breath of fresh air, so inspiring! keep going girl!
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I have so many feelings;;
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San Andreas
Song ; Smoke Weed Everyday-Snoop Dogg
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Wonderful. The start of a story perhaps :)
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OMG have it as wallpaper for a week now and just thank you for making it! Thank you so much! Its provokes creativeness in me, makes me feel the harmony and its just amazing, the colors the brightness, I just love it so much!
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You're art is gorgeous!!Divider rainbow-comet rightla in loveHalloween Ghost
Ok this is-- I cant even explain how good this is oml-- AaaaaAA O 3 O
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Hi, I love your works so much!! You are awesomeee!!!
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I damn love your work based on looks so great!!!
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were is ur original drawing without largely copy and paste of photo?
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another photo paint over hun
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Woah~ such a pretty angle! I love the vibrant colors and camera tilt.
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woah awesome brackground and colors *o*
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