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Head Perspective Chart Grid

Since many people asked, here's the line grid from the head perspective chart [link]

You can download it for the full size. I don't recommend using the grid, I think freehand drawing the head is better for practicing but if you really want to use it, you can. I didn't use the grid to draw the heads, I drew the head first and then added the grid XD
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if you do it bad it's good if you do it good it's still good your not perfect don't try to be PErfect !  Just repeAT 
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Imma try this without the grid then...
Gonna nail it.
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Wow thanks! I really appreciate it! :)
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This should be a great help, thanks a lot!
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i love ur avatar its funny
andresantos's avatar
I'm so lazy... thank you!
I Love your art!
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lines are awesome :D
You are a crazy crazy girl. But you are awesome none-the-less so it is all good :P
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It seems as though this chart is extremely difficult to read without any heads in it. Did many people actually request this? Maybe I am not getting how to use it.
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Try the link in the artists comments and you might get a clue :P
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Yeah, I know. But why bother with the grid alone if there already exists one with heads on it?
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I agree. This one's so hard to read without comparing it side-by-side with the original. D8
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Artist's Comments
"...I didn't use the grid to draw the heads, I drew the head first and then added the grid XD "

I'm guessing this isnt meant for reading, but just posted here because it was requested :\
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Artist's Comments
"Since many people asked..."

They asked for it, so they get what they asked for.
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Yea, I think drawing heads freehand is better
All those lines look confusing @ @
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yuumei, can i ask one question? did your get that avatar the dancing L from hongfire? and resized it to fit 50 x 50?. cause i did the same thing too.
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I drew my own avatar and animated it, if you see it anywhere else, then they stole it.
MrDungivaShit's avatar
omg they stole it then?... i found this same avatar image at hongfire, it's the dancing L' in anime gifs in gallery section but i dont know what page though.thanks fer telling me it clears things up alot. And you animate your avatar using adobe photoshop + adobe image ready? i cant get my hands on adobe image ready, cant find the download...(Sobs) (\/)(T.T)(\/)
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This is probably the latest reply ever! D: So sorry, this got buried under a bunch of other replies =_=

Yeah, they stole it. I've seen it everywhere and no one knows where it came from.

You don't have to have image ready. I know there are free animation software out there, I don't remember the names but you can find it if you do a little research. :D
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Haha....Okay i get it. Thanks.
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wow so u kept all the heads relatively the same dimensions free hand? thats pretty awesome
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