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Happy Families are all Alike
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Published: October 22, 2018
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Edit: apparently many people don't get the quote from the book. It's not about happy families being bad (who even thinks that?) it's about how hard it is to be a happy family because everyone in the family must be good to be a happy family, but unhappy families are easy because it only takes one bad family member to become unhappy (like an alcoholic dad or a narcissistic mom, etc). This is actually a general concept applied to many aspects of life and society.

Original post :

Been doing a lot of Photoshop practices lately but it's always nice to paint in SAI again. I really enjoy switching between styles :)

The quote on the shirt says "Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way." It's from the book Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy.

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happy families are like a barrel of apples it only takes one to rune the lot.
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BorisFedorovHobbyist General Artist
Yes, you are definitely one who is isn't afraid of the more hard aspects of life.
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maybe there aren't happy families :)
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Rudeus-TFProfessional General Artist
it's true that a happy family takes allot of work, and maybe even luck to.
in the past I was almost salty/ jealous towards happy families, but I have to look
forward. I will fight for my Happy Familly and I know it will take allot of work from my part.

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tokyostormsStudent Digital Artist
this is so cool. the glowing eyes are an awesome touch. i also really want the shirt. 
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MSketchesMHobbyist General Artist
rofl these edgy emo comments, cant even enjoy a simple art piece? lul, get a life and just admire the artwork
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Happy families are alike is similar to unhappy families are alike, no? 
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LITATOStudent Traditional Artist
That quote is very fitting.
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Ah yes, the quote from Anna Karenina:  "Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way."  And pretty much the whole book expands on the how and the why of that statement. 
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MeanChocolateHobbyist General Artist
Is the book Anna Karenina? Awesome drawing ^^
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They are boring
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BlackVinylHobbyist Digital Artist
I feel like unhappy families are unhappy for the same reason(s): someone is causing harm that creates dysfunction and that's most likely the parents. I feel the same about happy families because they love, support, encourage and nurture each other. It doesn't stop them from running into some conflict, but the fact that they are willing to work on issues is very important. The TV show Shameless vs. the TV show Blue Bloods. 
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Luna4sHobbyist Digital Artist
The girl seems very stressed and the entire atmosphere of the drawing is very dark and oppressive. 
It doesn't seem like she's in a happy family right now...
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Myrsky-CelesteHobbyist General Artist
This girl looks like she is silenced on a daily basis in order for her parents to keep up a "happy family" image. Even when she has issues in her school life, her social life, her dreams and aspirations, or even the changes her body is going through, her parents probably shut down the topics she doesn't yet know how to cope with, and they can't have in their "perfect" little family image. In order for them to cope, it's easier to shut it down and pretend it doesn't exist. 
"They all pretend" is what I get from this. 
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So, I'v read the description, but considering the combination of title and tone of the painting, for me its looks like a complete reversal.
The hands covering her mouth so she doesn't speak out, or the choice of color for her hair, that could allude to stress induced graying.
Like if the girl is forcing herself to think shes happy in an otherwise dysfunctional family, that "acts" towards everyone with smiles. And that its her that not normal, or ungrateful.
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BurningArtistHobbyist General Artist
I feel the same.
The visuals and body language make it hard to interpret it in another way.
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This one can really eat away one's mind
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clovercarmen5Professional Digital Artist
happy families...there are 2 types of them

the happy family that  all members share the same interest in everything thats why they are compatible, thats why they are at ease ergo happy

then there is the happy family where the minority are so different from the majority of the family members but they have to keep their difference hidden so the family can live together in harmony ergo happy
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yanmeikoHobbyist General Artist
like the contrasts
clovercarmen5's avatar
clovercarmen5Professional Digital Artist
 narcissistic moms are more destructive than alcoholic dads.. 
EJtheDemonKid's avatar
I agree with you, because being narcissistic is a personality that can eventually cause bad influences, while being alcoholic is a choice of life, and people know the good and bad behind alcohol.
Darost's avatar
Being alcoholic is a choice of life? That's quite ignorant. You wouldn't say that to a depressed person, now would you? Alcoholism is a very serious issue that will definitely affect children living in the same household, probably way worse than a narcissistic family member would.
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