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Fisheye Placebo: Silent Musing


The cat ear headphones are from my initial designs here Cat Ear Headphones by yuumei but I've altered them a bit. And before anyone asks, yes, I am still working on manufacturing them. I have a 3D printed prototype and I will post of a picture of it one day. I'm sorry it has taken so long but please understand the process is very complicated. Thanks for being patient!

This is a late night painting I did a while ago to relax. I wanted to try out some new lighting and brush techniques. The subject is Robin from Fisheye Placebo. She has a rather stoic personality since being a photojournalist means she sees a lot of the dark side of humanity.

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Drawn in Paint tool SAI, edited in Photoshop.
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Beautiful work! 
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Hello! By any chance would you be interested in joining my group called Llama-plz? It’s a group about giving and receiving Llamas!
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Im new to digital art, and I was wondering, is Paint Tool SAI any good? Is it any different from Manga Studio?
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Where is the site for this?
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Im gonna end up Having to buy Those headphones cx Mine suck T_T They're Broken, No wonder my School wanted me to Use them. They wanted us to PAY.
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I am in need of help! A friend of mine named mary pyle is a deviantartist and she moved. I can't find her but I really wanna talk to her. She does mostly MLP art and should like Black Butler, and creepypasta on her profile *maybe* I need everyone's help. please, please, PLEASE.
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There are wireless headphones that pulse and change colour more than this with a quicker delivery at
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These are the exact same product from a kickstarter-like campaign -….
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In fact that campaign is made by Yuumei. 
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I like her kitty head phones, they look nice on her owo
Your art lines of the face, the jaw from him, reminds me of Hikaru no Go kind of. It's a bit nostalgic seeing how it's been years since I've finished reading HnG.
Her*, thought it was a guy. 
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this is beautiful 0.o 
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 I wish I can draw with the color composition like you.. it's just awesome.
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sometimes i look at this and think
dayum. gotta improve ma skillz ...
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She is the definition of perfect 
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I totally agree with you ^^
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Yuumei, where can I get one of those amazing headphones of yours *-*?
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Have you tried KickStarter? or one of those other backing sites?
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very nice style *-* 
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