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Fisheye Placebo: Freya's Cyber Maid Adventures


Many of you have heard about the Knite reboot I've been working on, and today I am proud to also announce the reboot for Fisheye Placebo!

After many months of script writing and plot tuning, I've concluded that dystopian cyberpunk stories are a thing of the past, and the future is all about the moe~moe~kyun!

I am rebuilding Fisheye Placebo from the ground up with all new characters and none of the boring old casts. No more Frey, Robin, or Vance. Allow me to introduce Freya! The cute hacker girl who does cute hacker things in lingerie! Did I also mention she's part cyborg?

But don't let her cute innocent appearance fool you, her real goal is to find her Senpai who has been captured by the evil government. And for that, she must go undercover as a maid at the hip new Cyber Maid Cafe to gather intel from the pervy old governor who frequents there. What crazy shenanigans and sexy outfits will she have to wear to free her Senpai?

The first chapter of Freya's Cyber Maid Adventures will be released on April Fools, 2017. Stay tuned!

You can read the old Fisheye Placebo here…

Technicolor by yuumeiRise - Night Version by yuumeiColor by yuumeiUnderground by yuumeiFisheye Placebo: Solo for the Self by yuumei
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vvNobodyvv's avatar
I've been waiting a year for this..... Lmao
tsukiscloud9's avatar
Still waiting for the first chapter.. 1 more month.. XD
kxain's avatar
lmao I'd read it
Solunarus's avatar
I was about to cry...
flightxu's avatar
I am afraid...For a second...:| (Blank Stare) 
faf13's avatar
Pls... make this outfit for me Yuu ♥ Ngh! 
blanappleblurp's avatar
if her senpai was Vance-kun I'd be completely okay with this

also I'm hard
Chepseh's avatar
And I suppose in 2017 the future is all about the seme uke yaooooi within the Knite reboot...? ;P
LadyLoth's avatar
Frey would easily dress up like this and do it in my opinion, no wonder you genderbent him XD
love this picture, and ah actually have those exact headphones.
Fundelstein's avatar
Strangely, even if I was fooled, I was perfectly alright with it. Might make a great spin-off.
FindingFeliz's avatar
It's already May but i was beyond fooled. I was like, "NO MORE VANCE, ROBIN AND FREY?!"
As always, great work! And i really like your art style ^-^
Girlteam's avatar
One of the best (and scariest) april fool's jokes! (doesn't help that I'm seeing this so late)
She's such a cutie.
ShadowOfTheStars's avatar
I guess you could say pressing the power buttons
Turns her on ;)
mochiko00's avatar
makes senses to her
xariiio's avatar
xKito brought me here :3 Amazing work! Llama Emoji-23 (Shyness) [V1] 
OMG!! I THOUGHT YOU WERE SERIOUS FOR A SECOND!!! Anyways Freya is so cute, I kinda wish this was real LOL!!
Rastarock8's avatar
got me too for a second there... and I was like "ok, it's your work and your choice bur I LIKED THE PREVIOUS ONES!"...
We all got fooled... sad really
shiiso-tikku's avatar
Reading this wayyyy after April Fool's scared me shitless. Frey is one of my favorite characters, how could you get rid of him! You totally got me! xD
Freya is quite the cutie though.
sircowdog's avatar
The power buttons on the bra are hilarious!  Nice!  hahahahah!
SocQA's avatar
Great April's Fools contribution ;) Great work, Freya looks gorgeous
Lourens1989's avatar
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