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Fisheye Placebo: Ch1- Part 7


Another new chapter! I'm aiming to speed up these updates more and more as I get more used to the new workflow and as my hand recovers more from physical therapy :)

I'm sure most artists, myself included, has felt like Jen at some point in their life. Wondering if their art even makes a difference, wondering if all the effort is even worth it. I especially felt that way when my hand first got injured from overworking, and for years I didn't post as often and was depressed from various reason. Life is much better these days and I have a lot of hope and inspirations for the future. If anyone else out there is feeling hopeless, don't give up! Inspiration will find you.

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Art, Story & Design by Wenqing Yan AKA Yuumei

Outfit modeling, Rigging, Scene Setup: Colin Barton 

Character Modeling:  Sozo Maika 

Outfit Modeling: Bryan Link

Other team members:

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AmethystDiamond1007's avatar
That art with Jen made me cry. Haven't we all been there?
RenoRojas's avatar
Wooah this comic is super cool
Vylot-Sky's avatar
SpongeBobSquarePlant! xD))))
Yuumei! You are a genius with an amazing sense of humor! \(*0*)/
SocQA's avatar
Absolutely great great work, can't wait for the next chapter :)
korrawinx's avatar
Wooooh! That's so cool!
erinjory's avatar
can't wait for next chapter!!!
Username-91's avatar
I haven't seen this comic since 2015. It's great to see it active again.
ZergurVorghiz's avatar
Art is extremely well done and the story is incredible. It's hard to stay patient for the next episode.
Fulgurias's avatar
I love your stuff!

I can really relate to feeling depressed after an injury. Had a hand injury from soccer as a kid. Regained a lot of the use of my injured hand, but It never went completely away. Just have to adapt and do things a bit different now. Later as an adult had a bad car wreck I'm still recovering from.

One day at a time.

Your art is something I have eagerly awaited.
Sereida-Arts's avatar
It gets more and more interesting with every new chapter :D!
Eiko82's avatar
Jen's eyeshadow looks stunning!! This page was so cool. I really enjoyed it.
KaleGarrison's avatar
Beautiful art, beautiful comic. Can't wait for what comes next!
darkArmenger's avatar
Where will your imagination take us, im so keen to find out!
Aspiring-Awesomeness's avatar
So happy you feel better and that this comic is going on again. It has a great mix of wonderful art, relatable caracter, suspense and humor that I really like :D
Wolvereaux's avatar
ResidentialPsycho's avatar
The word bubbles don't stand out much.
indigo7232's avatar
It is amazingly beautiful !! Clap Clap 
Starlit-Pawprints's avatar
Oh, their greenhouse-y abode is so heavenly and peaceful.  I love how plants act as natural curtains for the shower too <3  I'd live there.

... well you know, in a place like it.  In a not-so-oppressive government :'D
Razeroes's avatar
I always enjoy your work! The first thing I'd do after logging in would be checking if there anymore updates you made. You inspire me to pursue arts!
LadyCat00's avatar
really beautiful! you draw so well and the colours are stunning <3
Nyuukatsumi's avatar
THIS IS SO AWESOME! I love your art and your writing, it's so much fun!
Michaelgj1234's avatar
Awesome, awesome artwork
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