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Fisheye Placebo: Ch0 - Part 7


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If you're not familiar with the story, please read the Fisheye Placebo: Intro first. 

This strip is inspired by a personal experience I had as a child in China. Like in the story, I was in the car with my dad when a group of street children came begging for money. My dad immediately locked the doors and explained to me that these kids were known to stab and rob people when the passengers open the window to give them food or money. And like in the story, my dad also grew up in extreme poverty, having to eat rats for survival in his childhood, but instead of sympathizing with the street children, he believed that anyone can pull themselves up like the way he did so there was no need for charity. 

There is no moral to take away from this situation. I can't say what would have been the right thing to do at that moment, but I did gain a better sense of the class struggle that existed and still exists. I want to show in this strip how ignorant and spoiled Vance and Alex were, and the kind of country that Frey and Robin wants to change.  

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Well, at least the slums look more varied than the zone of the city Vance and Alex are living in. Being from Italy, where we have many small towns and villages with many antique and different houses, most USA (or from anywhere) suburbs, with houses looking all the same, genuinely creep me out.  ^^'
Vlad-The-III's avatar
that comics is pretty good!
but in which country is it?
IllegalSympathy's avatar
I think it's based of off China, but whether or not it IS China in some sort of, 20-seconds into the future deal or a parallel universe has yet to be confirmed.
mr1994's avatar
the real question that should be asked here is: how did their father escaped from this hell? and in a country which have a dictatorship or half-dictatorship, the only way to have a good or normal life is to be servile to the government, otherwise if you don't serve or work for the government most likely you will be poor like these kids for all of your life.
realteruchan's avatar
I usually stay in Shanghai but have had the opportunity to travel to poor areas of China. I have also spent long stretches in the Philippines. I have seen this sort of thing too many times. When I first encountered such poverty I was the type to try and give something. Luckily I never got robbed or injured, but I have heard stories. Having been on the edge myself, more than once, now my mindset is more like that of the father.
HohlSchatten's avatar
A wall being demolished in 1989, coincidence or does it refers to the Fall of the Berliner Mauer? But anyways I really do love the idea of a story about Activism and Governmental Censorship, nett arbeit!
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Yo that's how my dad reacts to homeless people, but with more complaining about them needing to get a job and that they need to stop mooching off of people who earn their money.
Kirklandx's avatar
that image of the poor girl from behind is so powerful, i love this comic, you're amazing!
Slowpokex-x's avatar
The Poor girl :( Cute But deadly
konutko's avatar
I'm soooo impressed by everything
Tribrien's avatar
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Maybe someone mentioned it already but rainbow tables fail if the passwords were properly salted which is rather basic security. One would need to generate a new table for every password, which just isn't particularly feasible.
elfingdragon's avatar
I noticed the eyes of the poverty are different than those in the car, is that done on purpose?
sleepcross's avatar
I like listening to… while reading this ^-^
(It's the Project Yi loading screen music)
where did you got the knowledge of those things ?
MadMusicSketcher's avatar
This reminds me of Max Verstappen...
Skitch0616's avatar
It strikes me how their bears so much weight to the saying "a picture is worth a thousand words." 
How can one artist comprehend these emotions and lay them out in the physical realm? Of course these are real situations happening even now. But what confounds me still is how one person, not a group or team of people or company, but one person output such emotion in the visually stunning creation such as this?
kirby90210's avatar
Wasn't expecting that at all
ImaginationStudio's avatar
That actually made me tear up.
missblueturtle's avatar
I have the same 3ds :la:
NorthwestPurity's avatar
Dang, all your art has such huge symbolism and meaning. It always amazes me.
mcgirion1234's avatar
If you look closely at the 3ds you see rayquaza on the top and the a totally different gameon the bottom because I dont remember a pokemon game with that lower screen layout lol
kittycookies575's avatar
That is so sad... Why don't they fix their town?! Donations anybody?
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