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Fisheye Placebo: Ch0 - Part 6


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If you're not familiar with the story, please read the Fisheye Placebo: Intro first.

Frey is in cyberspace stealing government documents! :D Near the end, the glitchy text says Zero Day, which is a type of computer exploit that has yet to be discovered or fixed by the masses. This allows Frey to go undetected by the antivirus programs because the pattern of his attack isn't in the antivirus data base yet.

The quote "Bodies upon the Gears" is from Mario Savio's speech during the Free Speech Movement in 1964 at UC Berkeley (which happens to be where I went for college.)

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I think that this picture reminds me of a video.

Daft Punk - Harder Better Faster Stronger (Far Out Remix)

xKito - Daft Punk - Far Out Remix - Fisheye Placebo background
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I remember first seeing this strip way back in 2015 and i still have in my pictures.
for the longest time i forget about and just recently found and look you up!!! now i can view all of your wonderful art and see more about this comic series of yours!!
person54901's avatar
I want to know what he's always listening to in those headphones. :3
i soo need more of this. made my day :)
xX-Strangeness-Xx's avatar
Give that guy a fist-bump for me ok
davidstrife1's avatar
Looked at this while listening to feuer frei by rammstein. Works perfectly.
lillybugjenkins's avatar
This comic makes me want to learn to hack
Trayaix's avatar
This is absolutely amazing and beautiful to look at
VanceUponATime's avatar
This is brilliant! I never thought hacking could be visually portrayed so beautifully.
Tribrien's avatar
Holy sh*t. You are amazing. Your imagination and execution of it ... flawless. Mad respect!
Ninjin42's avatar
Did you have a 3D setup of this environment and drew over it, like you are doing now with the characters? I'm really really curious about that since I'm animating the scene in 3D right now <3 <3 <3
Mastergengar's avatar
Wow.  I know I've come across you're channel before but for some reason have never actually subscribed.  Luckily that wrong has been fixed.

My first thought of this was about the amount of awesome that an animated version of this could contain.  But the more I think about it I almost think that it would be unnecessary, but still nice to see.  The flow is enough of an animation as well.  Can't wait to read and see the rest.
So many subtle messages in the story line. "Body on the gear" on the headband refers to the famous labour union speech that Linkin Park quoted in their song.  "Zero day" refer to virus that is not in the antivirus data signatures yet because it is so new. File tree in the shape of actual tree :D 
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Your imagination's strike dude :happybounce: 
WonderlandSmiles's avatar
I'd love to see this animated :happybounce: Nod La la la la 
DeezKillzSkillzAlx's avatar
SerenoCielo's avatar
its official. this thing needs an anime
DarkMatter-Alchemist's avatar
This is amazing, the story line is so cool
TimeLordJikan's avatar
this...this is art 
aevrynn's avatar
I love how you've drawn the stuff that's happening inside the computer instead of just telling what's happening in the dialogue or something! :D
Thejaimes111's avatar
Damn I loved this idea! :o
Skitch0616's avatar
The visual of the anti-virus! OMG what an imagination~
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