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Fisheye Placebo: Ch0 - Part 5


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If you're not familiar with the story, please read the Fisheye Placebo: Intro first.

Yes, that is a Red Cow brand pony plush that they're licking.... 2 Girls 1 Horse is a parody of the infamous 2 Girls 1 Cup (If you don't know what that is, don't look it up, you're better off not knowing) and the horse is referring to the Trojan Horse malware.

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OMG!!!, I READ FISHEYE PLACEBO BACK IN 2014! and since I forgot what was your username and couldn't keep up with the story, im so happy to find it again, even if is years later :) thanks for your always awesome job Yan Wenqing

Omnifighter1's avatar
I didn't know it at the time, but interesting use of Rarity.  Why didn't you use AppleJack, the workhorse, or PinkiePie, the party pony?

Also, such sweet irony!
coastalrain's avatar
this is so damn hilarious and the art is amazing, oh my god
DarthLangdon's avatar
How to hack a brony.
Ferretser's avatar
the pony

xX-Strangeness-Xx's avatar
Well played, bro. Well played.

THAT is how you hack a system
UmbraSheWolf's avatar
2 Girls 1 cup...... why did my friend tell me what that was about....... Chat Icon - Gross sobbing I didn't even ask him to tell me... aaa
Dragon-Knight02's avatar
I love your art. It's amazing.

Also, that guy's a dick.
lillybugjenkins's avatar
*looks at second frame*
*fangirls over cuteness*
Slowpokex-x's avatar
Stunning Art U R Amazing Yummei :") :")
hayfa8's avatar
"2 Girl 1 horse "
Rayloy's avatar
The art in this is absolutely stunning, I love it so much
aevrynn's avatar
lmao that is quite a clever way to hack somewhere :XD:
Skitch0616's avatar
The controlled-society theme is so alluring~
Skitch0616's avatar
Frey entering the computer was GOLD
Panda-Bonda's avatar
1) Oh god, that's Rarity! XDDD
2) I love the references and when Frey 'entered' in the computer too
MojoJedi's avatar
Rarity is best pony :3
Popomatto's avatar
love all the references :33
CrispyNugget's avatar
OMG I love this. It's like a more realistic Ghost in the Shell with #SWAG
HistoryShaker's avatar
I like his shirt in the end
That Anna Karenina reference in his shirt thoughhhhh
Dante-Valle-OC's avatar
Wow that guy, All I have to say

Also love the art and design 
Bytecraftninja's avatar
...I'm not even mad. Best bait ever.
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