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Fisheye Placebo: Ch 0 - Hello World

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Published: April 12, 2013
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Part 1 of Chapter 0 is done :D The chapter is actually very long so I had to split it into many parts. It has a much lighter atmosphere than the intro. The intro is a scene from after the revolution began, now we're going back in time to see how it all started. Stick along for the ride! :D

Oh look, :icondontdoitplz::icondontdoitplz::icondontdoitplz: (thanks to TheFinalProtagonist )

For more promotional art and character designs, check out the Fisheye Placebo gallery yuumei.deviantart.com/gallery/…

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Omnifighter1Hobbyist General Artist
Who loudly proclaims that they're hacking something?  Isn't that kind of illegal?
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Is this state based on what eastern europe wil look like if fascists take over completely?
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"central eastern republic"
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crapsh0otHobbyist Digital Artist
I just got to China and Google is, in fact, blocked (and so is YouTube, I think, even though the message is different (and I don’t get a warning but just “server isn’t responding” or “took too long to load” messages)) :saddummy:

Ironically, Fisheye Placebo is perfectly accessible :XD:
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All these are amazing!!! I want this revolution to happen in the real world! It's our only change to make our future bright!!!
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shiorimasterHobbyist Digital Artist
That's soooo good *_*
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person54901Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I'm so excited. this comic is amazing, the art is amazing, the imagery is great. And I know its the smallest of details, but i want to say that I like how you incorparated the text bubbles to look similar to text messages. It's a small detail, but all the small details add up and it builds the atmosphere and makes everything come together really nice. I just cant tell you how much I apreciate your art lol /~\
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TheFifthArtofWarHobbyist Photographer
This is pretty amazig. Wish I'd have looked at it sooner.
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sivmattStudent General Artist
damn ! i wanna make a cyber-punk rpg with my friends and i thought my idea of " the geek and his roomates are bored with their low lives and world unequality so they decide to go illegal , and so it begins " but this senario is so much deeper .

also , holy fuking shit love the art !
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AtaritokaHobbyist Traditional Artist
basicly 2018 if net neutrality is taken down
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PhoenixthellamaHobbyist General Artist
This art ins incredible
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kazamiiiHobbyist Digital Artist
Dont do it -_-
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Four years ago and now we're here. Virtual Private Network, Secure Shell. I'm getting my Security Plus certification next week widely because of how much this comic series inspired me to become a Cyber Systems Operator. I'm going to strive to keep learning and make a difference for all the people in this country I have sworn to protect and the people who do not deserve to have their governments define them. To think, I was a Freshman in High School when this first came out. Even younger when the first few promo arts of Frey with his violin and Robin made their way on to my notifications. How I was in middle school when I first found Yuumei, in all her thoughtful, ambitious, outspoken, and eye-opening glory by way of 100 Words and Knite. It's crazy to think that the re-release of this defining, intricate, and powerful story will be presented to me when I, myself, will be working hard at combating things like zero day attacks and securing networks. It's a dream come true, and I owe so much of my maturity, inspiration, and ambitions to a webcomic... heh, ironic.
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crisTcreamHobbyist Traditional Artist
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I found the last scene in cosplay and GOD JEESUS frey is hot! addicted to the story and characters btw good job
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fuck me im so subscribing to this
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UmbraSheWolfHobbyist Digital Artist
Uh I love his sister XD
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Oh man, I saw this a long time ago. I found that I had it bookmarked! Very good art!
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TsuchimikadoArimaStudent General Artist
BEAUTIFUL GAL- ERGH-EMM!!! I mean, beautiful story~!
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SpitestarHobbyist Digital Artist
Her facial expression is beautiful.
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LOL'd my way all the way through his scheme. Hilarious, and memorable---I've come back to this more than once after reading it when it first came out. This series, what there is of it so far, is of the highest caliber and lasting value.

This is because the premise is superbly shaped to today's audiences, when the relation between cyber-security and freedom is so publicly embattled all over the world. Topical yet lasting, covering a serious topic with humor and perspective, this series deserves praise.

And it deserves continuation. I understand your stresses have been great. But know that this series is not forgotten, that a hiatus is not for good, and if you get to it again, that would be both welcome and educational---which means in this context, that it would change the readership for the better.
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