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Feel and Conquer


Captioned video tutorial of this piece can be found on my Youtube at

I spent some time reflecting on my life, from the dysfunctional family of my childhood to my current career as an artist, and how this path has shaped me.

I guess part of my recovery is just taking in my life experiences, my emotions, the happiness and the pain, and turn them into art. And through the process, I learn and understand just a little bit more about myself and the world around me.

Art has always been a powerful outlet that helped me and others communicate our ideas and emotions. For all the aspiring and young artists out there, don't let anyone discourage you. Be it random strangers on the internet or your own parents, no one knows you better than yourself, and no one lives your life except yourself. So don't ever let anyone take that away from you, your emotions, your art, your sense of self.

Draw for yourself, create for yourself, live for yourself.

What It Takes To Fly by yuumeiRe-Imagine by yuumeiThe Sky Beneath My Feet by yuumeiDread by yuumeiBoundless by yuumei

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you are very talated. i really liked your art . i wish you success in your future life.

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this is amazing! if you don't mind, can you tell me all the labels on the paints are please?

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You are great a artist! Although I am not a fan of this style of work, I must admit that it is about a beautifully done job. :) Really beautiful works. <3

This is what I have with the pictures when I create, I put into it all the energy I have, sometimes I am driven by sadness, sometimes joy, sometimes fear, sometimes inspiration ... but it is always the love I give to my work. :) <3
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fff you are so amazing you inspire me
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Could you please allow the option to buy this as a print, someone I care about would appreciate this very much as a Canvas.. Even if you just allow for a day or two. Please PM me.. Kind regards.
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I love all of your work but this one is probably my absolute favorite. I feel like I can relate to this one on so many levels its crazy. Such an inspiring piece. You are amazing. :)
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I've liked many of your pieces over the course of time and I like how you embed much emotional content into it.
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No tengo palabras
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Discovered thanks to Lucas King ! Really awe-inspiring !
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I really like your art! It's so emotional! As soon as I saw this piece of art I was like I need to find out more about you and so I did.
The above piece is the first artwork of yours I saw and then.. I saw this one:
Better Tomorrow by yuumei
and I was like your art is so FULL OF EMOTIONS!!! I feel the positiveness in this and hope! :)
Congratulations! Great artworks!!! :)
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This piece is so powerful. I am glad you have persevered! 
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This is incredible! 
Thank you for all of your incredible art and insight, and I'm glad you made it this far. One day maybe even I...
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Your art is so breath taking! I love the way you incorperate animals/flowers or whatever else into your images. it's really amazing :) 
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If I can say it, out of all the artworks in DA, this artwork is the one which I can relate the most with. 
....... Speechless..
The one on the very far left, you did that? I seen it on a lofi hiphop song while drawing that picture inspired me ;O, so exited to see it here!
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Man, you're great. Hats off to you
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wow beautiful with such meaning in this piece and beautifully executed. simply a piece to remember.
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