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Feel Alive

Just one of those feelings that makes the day special ;)

I tried out the sketch style again. It's kind of hard to tell this is sketchy because I shrunk it so much on dA but the original is 4x bigger and you can see all the sketchiness. I think I'm really starting to like this new style :D

This person looks like Near (from Death Note) with long hair XD

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I wish I could use it. It is beautiful.
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The moment after a primordial scream
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Wow, what an explosion of feeling colors!
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Lmao I thought this was bakura for a second
I'm making a video for my friend's new song release.  What do I need to do to have permission to use your image in that?  There will be no income coming from the video, I'm just wanting to give YouTubers something to look at while listening.  :) Will you email me at  Thank you! 
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There is a Milky Way in there somewhere.....I can just feel it :P
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Your skies are always breathtaking
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This is joyous! The range of emotions, skillfully rendered, across your gallery is amazing. I wish you well.
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Oh my lord. The art is so gorgeous, how in the world can you make such beautiful art like this?!?! :D
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super cool! I like how the character's arms are stretched out, it looks very powerful.
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Looks like something God would give people for visions :) Beautiful :)
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This was featured in ArtistleFeatures Vol. XIII at Artistle
Thank you for sharing your wonderful work :tea:
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looks like you have been inspired by Caspar David Friedrich's work! Breathtaking~
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Almost as if the (wo)man is clearing a celestial womb away to show a recently birthed love.
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may i use this for my website?
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This artwork has been featured in my journal:…  :love:
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Outstanding work
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I had a dream once that looked like this...
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N, dyed his hair to prepare for the best vacation ever :D
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Oh, this is so beautiful QuQ
Bunny2022's avatar
OMG!!! This is AMA~ZING!!!!
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