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Fade To Light


Finally got to paint again :D I've been using the same technique as last time with a soft clay between my palm to prevent my hand from hurting as much.

This painting is inspired by all the cool photos of light pillars. There are so many amazing natural phenomenons, sometimes I can hardly believe they're real.

In other news, while my hand has been impaired, I spent all the time I couldn't draw on lots of other exciting stuff that will be released soon. I'll be releasing my first ever art book that’ll include 1 decade of my work, as well as some secret stuff that I’ll announce later ;)

You can get high res images and art videos of my paintings on

Fishing Stars by yuumei Dream Big! by yuumei Star Spray by yuumei Meet the Sea by yuumei Phases by yuumei
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Astonishing! :'D

This is one of those rare but amazing pieces of artwork that make you feel like you are in another world.

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Amazing work, as always!!

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Such an astonishingly beautiful sky. Love it:heart:

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And they'll say it was an apocalypse and a tragedy, but, they'll be gone, and the survivors, will look on the world that remains, and just be ok, at peace.

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This is so pretty! I love all the different colors in the light

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Beautiful! ^^

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Looks like the beginning of a Si-Fi Story. (sometime in the future, after almost everything was destroyed by a war)

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wow, stunning is the first word that comes to my mind when I see that.

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Very nicely done. I do enjoy how you play with light!

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I hope your hand recovers quicker. Love the art! You're in a class of your own. Truly inspirational & heart warming.

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your artwork touches my heart <3

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I still wonder how you do this x3 Great to hear your hand's recovering and omg!! :la: Can't wait to see your art book release :DD

Stunningly magical

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i cant describe how amazing your art looks <3 it makes me happy to look at ^^

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