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Eyes Unclouded


"To see with eyes unclouded by hate."

What I love the most about Princess Mononoke is that despite the ever growing conflict between man and nature, the story is an ultimate message of peace and hope. We should all grow and prosper together instead of fight against each other. 

Again, in case anyone missed it last time, I'll be at Fanime this May 22-25 in the San Jose Convention Center. As usual, I'll be in the Artist Alley (table 623) with prints :D I hope to see you there!

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I bought this print as a poster from a japanese store, im in love!

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It has been a while since I have seen that movie, and I just showed a friend the preview for it and I definitely have to watch it again. 💔

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I bought a print of this at SacAnime a few years ago, love your work.  I knew I wished I had more money that day to get more of your prints.
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Beautiful pic and I agree with you on the message thing.
I don’t suppose I can order this print from you? I found it other places and it took a while to find the first one (from you) but I’d really like to only support the original artist. 
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Funny how people keep stealing this one piece of art from you o.o 
Sigh. Kinda wish they'd stop doing that. It's pretty damn annoying.
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Hey, I just found another person who used your artwork without crediting you:…
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Amazing, love it!
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Gorgeous. I love mononoke anyway but your composition and lighting is amazing.
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Just wanted to let you know someone is using this art in a print they're selling on etsy...I'd report it if I could, but I think you have to be the one to claim it as your IP.…
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There's an additional shop on Etsy now selling it on t-shirts:…
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10/10 so awesome!!
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Hi Yuumei! I’m a big fan of yours :)

so it saddens me that  I found your work being sold here without your watermark and credits :( 

That aside, I really love your work. I hope people can just have the decency to credit you and the artists :( 

Happy holidays :) 
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Hello Yuumei, I hope you're fine!

Sadly, I have bad news: I spotted your art "Eyes Unclouded" without your watermark and without credit, and it is sold on this website:…

And I think your not the only artist concerned...

Have a good day! :)
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Gorgeous drawing/painting!!
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I wanted to let you know about…
(You need a Wish account probably to see it.)  The site seems to be pretty good about this stuff, but I think I might not be able to report this unfortunately (after reading here:… )  However it looks like you can put the claim in (since it's your work).  

I'm sorry this keeps happening to you :C
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We spit on copyrights (This is a joke). Someone is selling your art but they gave you no credit:…

P.S The drawing is very beautiful.
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WOW it´s very epic! *-*
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Very good art work.
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we can say this kind of composition has been done before, but you do it very well here... probably because of your wide color palette and a semi-anime inspired face that has subtle emotions (perhaps just in the eyes) of anger or the simple depth of maturity. Something hard to capture.. that's why this is good.
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