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Eye of Paradise


I've been really sick for the past week, and all that fever, sore throat, and nose blowing somehow made me want to draw peacock feathers.... so I did :D

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this. This is awesome. No really, I love it :P both the concept and the awesome way you've turned it into art :)
KuroNekoKeef's avatar
So creative !
Peacock is a beautiful and graceful animal ...
RoyalPebble's avatar
Love the Peacock feather! So pretty. La la la la 
saganav's avatar
For some reason she reminds me of a horror story
RedHoodedRobin's avatar
This is so beautiful <333
NiReLLiK's avatar
wow! that is so creative! you are genius! Love 
Datat-Sushi's avatar
kiarakiller's avatar
OMG, it's so beautiful <3
Lolalitaaxoxo's avatar
So Creative XD keep up the good work XD
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PanserPop's avatar
I love this so, so, so much!
The colors for my wedding was peacock themed.
They mean a lot to me.
Samijabrothers's avatar
...Or eye of madness.. But never the less, beautiful.
Esalmo's avatar
the eye!!! wow
Nameless-Ghoulx's avatar
I love the idea of a peacock feather as the eye. ^.^ Good job!
sweetsugariness's avatar
Wow, O.o awesome pic, from the thumbnail I thought that was a regular eye at first, lol
Yeah121's avatar
That's so cool!...and a little creepy...
houkin's avatar
I love the idea, you're always so creative :)
narutard94's avatar
scary but cool at the same time...nice
breenazbl2's avatar
This is so awesome! When I first glanced at it I thought it was just a kick ass eye but as you look at it you notice that it is a peacock feather. I really like the symbolism/ metaphor.
Natashafaithz's avatar
The eye's quite scary on the face though but LOVE the magical feel surrounding it.
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