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November 5, 2020
Exhale by yuumei
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Continuing my series about the recent wildfires that turned our sky red. I noticed in my past posts a lot of people think this is caused by stupid gender reveal parties. Gender reveal caused 1 fire, but the other 650 fires were caused by an unprecedented dry thunderstorm.

I've lived in CA for over 20 years and I've never seen thunderstorms in August during drought season. Unlike other parts of the world, the normal climate in CA doesn't get storms until winter. This storm is the remains of Tropical Storm Fausto which caused over 11,000 lightning strikes resulting in over 2 million acres burned, turning our sky red like the apocalypse.

This is what climate change looks like. Not some stupid gender reveal caused by the mistakes of a few, but the collective consequences of us all failing to protect the only home we have. The least we can do is accept reality instead of living in denial. No matter how bad it is now, it will get even worse if we continue to do nothing.

Vote and let our governments know that our future and our children's future is worth protecting.
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Wow!!!!!!! Amazing work! 😍

adivaki's avatar

Great work with a sweat mood

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Thank you for continuing to use your art as a way to spread information. This series is beautiful...and hopefully we can make the changes that these pieces will no longer be relevant in our lifetimes.

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Wow this an absolute masterpiece. It’s so amazing.
dreykusarchive's avatar

the idea it possess is majestic. blowing fresh flowery air to beautiful shiny bubbles.

PetPortraits4you's avatar

Wowww!!!!!!! It is so realistically perfect!

Amazingly beautiful

3llisArts's avatar
dpcdpc11's avatar

You are so talented :)

Amazing portfolio. Respect for your work !!!!

gkhnsolak's avatar

Brilliant design!

1Aphrodite's avatar

I love the nature

This is so beautiful, I can't take my eyes off of it. Thank you for presenting it to the world.

This must have taken a long time to do. It is so detailed and beautiful love your art 🤩
dpcdpc11's avatar

Excellent work! Keep it up!

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Really though you did an amazing job.

That is one creative mask. Good job

KateBC20's avatar

This is my personal picture of the month! What a great image and the message behind it is even better

SuperSabre-Tooth's avatar

The most green and organic facemask I've ever seen.

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