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Everything will be Okay


Spirited Away is my second favorite Miyazaki movie and it's long overdue for a fanart :)

I especially love the scene when Chihiro put her forehead against Haku. It was such a serene feeling of connection and bonding, as if saying "As long as you're here, everything will be okay."

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What paints didi you use? :)

Great work!! check mine too

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wow the detail in this is amazing! I love that it is under water too =D
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Well screw it, time to watch this movie again. NO EXCUSES!
(translation: I LOVE THIS) :hug:
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Aw I loved this movie great art
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Someone's stealing your art and selling them on leggings :<
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Are you aware of this?…
They are using your art for profit. I hope I'm wrong and you are getting money for this but I thought it was familiar as soon as I saw it on my FB feed
ahhhh going through all my favrorited ghibli art in preparation for seeing spirited away in theaters in the US tonight!!!! yay!!!! also can't wait to receive my print to hang on mah wall!!!! 
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oh my god
this is so beautiful 
m y ch ild h ood ;;;
Heart Love 
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Haku and chihiro, OMG
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I have no words :o
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Beautiful. Just beautiful.
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OMG!!!!!!! 😺🐱😸
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It leaves me speechless. Absolutely mesmerizing. 
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This is a cute scene between these two. :) (Smile) 
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it feels so cute and innocent :D
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you've captured one of the most beautiful moments between these two characters. well done.
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this movie is my fave
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this picture is so awesome *//*
the colors are fresh, i want a kiss too !
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I love this movie!
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