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Enchanted Woods


Happy Halloween! :D don't get lost trick or treating tonight or you might end up in the enchanted woods~

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It's beautiful :)
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This is absolutely captivating! I love your use of light and the mystery it evokes
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*insert "Red Like Roses" by Casey Williams*
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I like that i am not the only one that think about RWBY when saw this :)

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Dangerous and treacherous were the black forest woods. Home to feral beast and unnatural creatures of the foulest temperaments.
Death lurked around every corner.
Death by tooth, nail, and claw.
The black forest woods were unsafe at any hour...
...but all the more so during the witching hours.
During the hours of the sunset.
But it was love, great love that forced the young towards danger.
It was the spectral form of a grizzly, bloody, and imminent death that drove her to face the dark paths of the forbidden woods.
Her mother had taken ill, her grandmother held the cure, and not even the beasts and the denizen from the bowels of the inferno itself would keep the young girl from the path she now reluctantly tread...
...and woe to all who stood in her way. 
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This is truly magical
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Beautiful concept.
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Maybe I WANT to end up in the enchanted woods.
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I'm in love with how you painted the trees
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Somehow reminds me of Little Nightmares game. 
Enchanting Classic 
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Ooh, this is gorgeous!! I love the glowing leaves on the ground, and the Red Riding Hood reference. So dreamy, I love it!! ❤
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Really gorgeous color palette! The details on the tree branches are incredible!
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Amazing as usual <3
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What an imposing tree~! Very beautiful work~!

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Beautiful drawig.
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wonderful artwork!
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