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Element Wolves

Love wolves? Help stop senseless wolf slaughter at [link] or [link] It's easy and simple, just sign a petition or donate some money to save these beautiful creatures from death.

How many of you knew I was going to put them all together like this? Hehe, I planned this out from the beginning which is why I couldn't add wolves of metal, light, darkness, etc like people suggested.

I am finally done with the wolf series! WOOT! Now if enough people request it, I might print some as postcards to sell and donate the profits to wolf protection programs.

The Chinese symbol at top left means Sky, top right means Earth, bottom left means forest, and bottom right means Ocean/Sea. The three characters at the top left corner is my Chinese name which means colorful warm feeling XD so corny...

1. Wolf of Fire [link]
2. Wolf of Water [link]
3. Wolf of Lightning [link]
4. Wolf of Woods [link]
5. Wolf of Clouds [link]
6. Wolf of Ice [link]
7. Wolf of Time [link]
8. Wolf of Space [link]
9&10. Wolves of Moon and Sun [link]

Enjoy and please help out, don't just say "it's sad that wolves are dying" because it's the action that counts.
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I just wanted to say I love your work and always have since I was a kid back in 2011 specifically lol. This piece always spoke to me and now i‘m looking back at old memories and found some print outs that I did. Thank you for making art❤️

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I just love how you designed your wolf 🐺 pictures and btw, my Dad and I both love ❤️ wolves 🐺. Any chance you could do some like this but with eagles 🦅?
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Great job!! I love how you did the Lightning Wolf.

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That's so awesome.  Love how you made them.
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Oh boy, has it really been ten years?
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What about the wolf of Einsteinium or Lithium or Potassium
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Gorgeous work! Time wolf is probably my favorite of them.
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Saludos, tus 10 lobos me han parecido fantásticos, sencillamente espectaculares, me han dado la idea para escribir algo bastante extenso, uno de mis cánticos poéticos narrativos. He usado tus ilustraciones para referencia en mis poemas, claro que te he dado el crédito respectivo, hay un enlace que los trae directo para tu arte, espero te guste y lo leas, aquí te dejo el link para que disfrutes d lo que he escrito si así lo gustas, planeo utilizar la ilustración de cada uno de los Fenrir para un poema, espero no te moleste, seguiré dándote créditos por las imágenes y cada vez que suba algo te lo traeré, saludos, un abrazo y gracias por tu arte.
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beautiful. that's all i can say to this :)
keep up the great work.
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I used these to help with my elemental forms of a creature i made.
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This is truly beautiful.

Have shared on my facebook page…
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Have also shared the links for the petitions.
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I think your translator program is a bit foobarr'd :D
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I love the sun wolf
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My favorite element must be water because it's my element
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I love this so much that í'm using them as inspiration to write a story. i would love to see wolves of other elements such as metal, light and darkness like you said in the description. it would be awessome n.n but either way keep up the good work
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I like the earth canine
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