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Electric Violin Design


This is the electric violin that I designed for Frey to play in here Fisheye Placebo: Solo for the Self by yuumei :)

For those who are not familiar with electric violins, they work like an electric guitar which means the body doesn't amplify sound (that's done through an electric amplifier) so it can have many interesting shapes without affecting the sound. You can also play silently when it's not plugged in and I just love the idea of that.

There are various existing electric violins out there but this specific design doesn't exist.

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Yuumei sannnn want this violin it so cool! I love it! can i hire The DBCV's commission to make it real?!

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I just googled "electric violin" and saw a whole bunch of them that had designs pretty much exactly like yours, yuumei. You better get on that! They're stealing your design.
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:0 isthisajoke
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ok ;u; sorry lol
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You should check out Mark Wood's electric Vio-lints:XD:
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This is a beautiful and creative design, I absolutely love it!
Do you play the violin?  
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Uhm.. Hi, I guess-

Yesterday (actually.. About two hours and 19 minutes ago) was my 14th birthday and having played violin for more than a year now, I asked my dad for a new one as a birthday present. He asked me what kinda violin I wanted, then my mind went back to this, Frey's violin. I didn't think that it was possible but dad accepted my request.

I just thought for how long already that it'd be really cool for this to come to life, and so we looked for a luthier (someone who makes/repairs stringed instruments) and showed him this. If there's even the tiniest chance of the artist reading this, I'd like to ask for permission to make the Sound and Fury real. 
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I wish I design violins like this. XD
There's actually a luthier that lives in my area-- super nice guy, his name is John Jordan-- that could make electric violins.
It'd be cool to just go up to him and ask to make an electric violin based on the one your OC plays. :D
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I want that violin! It's beautiful! Now I want to make one! ha ha ha! love this a lot!
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dosn't exist  YET its a cool design and someone might try to make it
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I would like to think that if W A M(ozart) :D were still alive, he would prefer the classical wooden ones above any other types- an oldschool fashion kind of guy.
Anyhow, futuristic instruments kinda scares ME alot,(electricity coupled directly to my beautiful neck) ;) BUT I really like the design of this fine violin.
Well done :)
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Oww I want that violin!! ;w;
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I will make this violin
I will craft it who my own two hands
and it will work like an actual violin
And I will gift it to you
And all will be right in the world.
This is just beautiful.
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Now I wanna learn violin O_o
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I want this violin!! 
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well, I've got a little project then :D (Big Grin).
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I'm a violinist and I think this design is better than the Yamaha Silent violin.
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true true true
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Oh, how I would love to have a violin like this.  I am stuck with my boring wooden one, for now.
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Someone needs to make this violin.
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You should totally make these kind of violins. The world would go absolutely nuts!
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