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By yuumei

Anxiety, depression, and the fear of addiction to pills.

The cure is also the curse. 

The Raven by yuumeiThe Black Cat by yuumeiRe-Imagine by yuumeiGuilty by yuumeiCountdown by yuumeiBlack Black Heart by yuumei

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I love that you're using your incredible talent to raise awareness for important matters, rather than just randomly spewing out useless pieces :) keep it up!
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Screams at me, was a punch to the gut. I relate to this so heavily. I as forced onto medication as a child. Something was always wrong with me. I was too hyper. I didn't listen. I had mood swings around my period. All normal. Yet my guardians forced drugs down my throat. What they considered a cure all miracle. I ended up a monster who hated everyone and everything. This screamed that for me. Beautiful piece. Thankfully I'm not that anymore but... damn yo.
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awesome picture, really like the composition and colors 
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Hey...Just saw the exact same pose on this piece, but with a different character :->…
So, I'm not really sure if it'd be considered art thiefting (I think it is)...But I least I wanted you to know!
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Damn, this is soooo AWESOME! I love it! <3 You are very very talented!
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oh my gosh I loveeeeeeeeee this <3
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I can´t finde words, which matches my feelings good enough, als I saw this!
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Well this is quite something
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The girl is really marvellous, I like it.
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I love your "deep" artworks. Llama Emoji-10 (Shy) [V1]
They're just too amazing.
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You are amazing *o*  I'm your biggest fan!
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I know that feeling :(
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Im in loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee excited Star Butterfly icon excited Star Butterfly icon excited Star Butterfly icon excited Star Butterfly icon 
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Oh dear...I just found this artwork today even tho I was watching you.

Its sad to hear that a lot have dealt this sickness. I would like to share what I know.

1. a lot feared the addiction of the pills because of the continuity of their anxiety. Its like you cant live without the pills, its not exactly addiction but more of its dependency and mind setting that you need your energy pills to get energize. But please not to worry, while you are taking the pills this helps you relax a bit, and while you're relaxing it will be easy for your doctor to talk to you. Your doctor just needs to know whats in your mind and how your anxiety started. Its like a body x-ray, once the doc sees the problem then they will help cure it.

2. For the pills again, once you feel relieve your anxiety gets lesser, you will also take lesser pills. So dont think too much that you will be addicted to the pills. This "rumor" of getting addicted to the pills is only adding more anxiety to you......So yeah, do not believe in such things. The pills is only for medication purposes, when you're cured you wont need them anymore.

3. Anxiety and depression has a shortcut cure, that is talk therapy. One of the best result is when you talk to very close family or friends who understand you and KNOWS you better inside out. Knows your bad habits as well as your good ones. If you have such people in your life, then try your best to prepare yourself and open up to them about your feelings. But as much as possible, DO NOT talk to anyone who are too negative in thinking, they are not helpful. Especially the forceful ones. Even if they are your parents, avoid them until they ASK the right questions. If by chance you dont know anyone who are close to you, there are good help online, its hard to find them but such helpful people are there. Look for support websites that can help you out. But dont loose hope if you cant find the right person, as anyone of us its really hard to find them from over millions or billions of people online.

well I hope this helps.
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I think this can relate to everyone. :-) nice work
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Nice rendering of the concept :)
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Someone stole this and used this in their manipulation. 
SICK by sacchine
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