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Don't Rain on My Parade


I've been meaning to draw this for a while, but had to stop after my hand got swollen from overworking (on Fisheye Placebo). My hand is fine now :)

Some rainy days are so nostalgic. I remember as a kid, whenever it rained, I was stuck at home watching the gray city while imagining a field of sunshine.

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The ability to tell a story through creativity...
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 I Love That Dress.
Good Work.
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i adore how wind plays with her hair and dress :heart:
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stunning..Adorable Girl Anime Emoji (Huggy heart) [V6] 

somehow I can relate to the emotions this one tells 
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Wow,perfection...She reminds me of oshino shinobu ^^
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I could really smell flowers when I first looked at this picture. It´s wonderful.
Is it cold where you are?

Because the swollen hands might be due to the cold temperatures.

My hands always get swollen like crazy and they start to itch too...but that's just me. xD

I think it's called Chilblains. 
Your hand got swollen??? Wow you are really dedicated! So awesome :O er, but please take care of your precious hand, please
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You are blessed.
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wow! perfection, what you did is something i personally have a bit of trouble with. Giving my art movement. anyway, this piece is beautful!:D (Big Grin) 
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So beautiful! :love:
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this is soooo freakn beautiful :') I love the way the hair flies up the way the dress surrounds the edges the color of the umbrella and that lovely sky background`
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now that is one amazing work that's totally dramatic
i love staring at this picture
it depicts emotions that you could really feel when you're looking at it
absolutely stunning!
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Don't tell me not to fly--
I've simply got to.
If someone takes a spill,
It's me and not you.
Who told you you're allowed
To rain on my parade!

--Barbara Streisand
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@_@ woah its so pretty
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Awsome!! I like your way to draw pictures. ♥
i love this so much
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