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DRRR: Cellphone Shinigami

I have no excuse! Except I did this in less than a hour during my "break" from reading 50 pages of a BORING art historian's account of Pompeii's interior wall decorations DX I seriously don't care about the number of plaster cast slabs in one style of wall decoration compared to another style... How will that help me in life? It doesn't. Izaya on the other hand is an inspiration to all [link] :heart: (I swear this epic moment will go down in anime history) [link] (Or watch the longer version to find out why he did what he did XD )

BTW did you know Pompeians LOVE penis? It's penis this, penis that, penis penis penis everywhere! Paintings of penis on the door, on the stairs, sculptures of penis on the lamps... I think Berkeley broke my brain D: Curse this college life of constant insanity!
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*Shizuo-Chan wants to know your location*

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This is so cool! Izaya looks so good in your drawing! Nice job!
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Izaya came up when I typed in 'penis' (Don't question me, I was bored)

I was so confused until I looked at the description.
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Awesome job!Giggle 
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(fangirl fangirl fangirl fangirl fangirl) auuuuuugh izaya why

This should be a poster. And I would buy it.
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OMG is this amazing!!! :D You work never seizes to amaze me! *o* I look foward to reading more Fisheye Placebo and seeing your beautiful art!
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Why do you like Izaya? Other than the fact that he's awesome?
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Cool! I love the way you draw!!!
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I believe that's just Art History in general. Although I lucked out in having to take it online instead of on-campus which cuts out the amount of "reading" I really have to do, but rather increases the amount of BS I have to spice up to pass those courses. =____= but I'm with you on all the penis's the only reason I dislike art history. Though, you may have graduated by now >___<
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You perfect woman you!:iconasdfghplz:
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ur are such an amazing artist I keep fav.s on all ur work :3
I just looked up the clip... I have to watch now, thankyou
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I love this! You are awesome
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*reads the last part of the artist comment* DA HELL?!? And.. No I didn't know that, BUT NOW I DO ._.
The guy in your drawing reminds me of Garry from Ib :3
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This has to be the coolest pieces I've Seen of him on here.

Awesome job! and i like how you made his eyes red.
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Izaya would make an excellent Mirai Nikki candidate XD
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<3 <3 <3 just omg XD amazing!
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Frey was based on him, right? They give such a similar air. Yet I can't stand Izaya and like Frey, so far at least. I'm curious what he will be like later.
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