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Curse of the Winged Koi


This is a character from a little story (not Project WE or Knite) that I came up with while studying too much for finals XD (but my last exam is tomorrow so I'll free soon!!) I might work on this story after I'm done with the other I have so many stories I want do but not enough time to work on any =_=

(btw, the koi is a tattoo, though it's a cursed tattoo so it's more life like than a normal tattoo should look. The color pattern on the koi is that of a red crowned crane)

Origami winged koi, designed and folded by me :D Origami Winged Koi by yuumei

Another one CotWK: Black Water by yuumei

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i don't know what to say , i love it alot
Ai-kei's avatar
I've been thinking about this picture since you posted it the first time and it won't leave my head. Maybe one day I'll get a tattoo inspired by it...
AmoraYingRosaKisaLov's avatar
A pretty girl with a pretty deadly tattoo... Love it!
MLForce's avatar
This is beautiful. 
OoOoOoOmnaOoOoOoO's avatar
i wanna read it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
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TheForbidd3nFruit's avatar
I'm getting something similar to this tattooed one day.  It's absolutely gorgeous 
artedejti's avatar
Beautiful! >u<
InsoLENTinsO's avatar
I really dig your style man.
InsoLENTinsO's avatar
Oh I meant milady.
ArtsyVana's avatar
FairyRound121's avatar
Gorgeous. I love how you made it go from simplicity and empty to dark details.
LittleMirelle's avatar
beautiful. Your style is incredible
type5wing4's avatar
just love that birdfish <3
LiLbaddie's avatar
SO PRETTY!! By the way what is the curse of the winfed koi?
AlexGlimes's avatar
everything about this image and style is perfect! thanks for the isnpiration!
Yeah121's avatar
Ooh, this seems fascinating.
laurentech's avatar
I know how you feel about having a lot of stories that you feel like you have to write, even if it means being distracted from studying...! although I'm a little freaked out about this cursed winged koi now because I was thinking about getting a tattoo on my back that looks a lot like this... still, it's a stunning piece.
OtakuBloodshed's avatar
Awesome! I can't wait for this story to come out it looks amazing.
rocknjade77's avatar
NekoNinja13's avatar
this is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!
LoveAnime1999's avatar
you're the best artist I've ever seen !! :O
TheGreenSprite's avatar
You are better then I am at drawing with the tablet, nice-work
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