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Inspired by photos like these [link]

So people invented a lot of good things but also a lot of bad things. The good things: chocolate (jk), internet, computers, books, etc. The bad things: drugs, nuclear weapons, pollution, and etc. But pollution is getting pretty bad right now so why aren't there many major actions taken to stop this. So there are many organizations that are working on the problem but they won't get far unless the public is with them. (Most people say they agree but don’t really do much to help) And so a few laws were made to decrease pollution but is it really working? The problems are not just the factories, there's too much trash, too many cars, and it may not be so bad right now but it will be, and when we get there, I can tell you from personal experience that it will suck and many will regret it.

When I lived in China, the air was horrible. I had many respiratory problems and my mom's voice was always raspy due to the poisonous air. (Yes, it was poisonous, but of course the government tried to keep that a secret, though it got leaked out anyways….) After I arrived in the US, it felt wonderful. The sky was blue instead of grey and it was without thick smog. There was a beautiful park with huge lakes, lots of fish, birds, and other wildlife. I use to visit it all the time, but there was a period of time when I was unable to, then when I returned on my 12th birthday, I was in for a shock. Dead fish covered the lake shores in piles and roles, dead birds floated on the lake surface, and empty turtle shells were everywhere. The place was full of death. So due to our creations, are we on the path to destruction?

And as for the art...well, I think its obvious that I suck at drawing factories.... So the picture is basically of two giant human hands adding more parts to the factory to increase the production of destruction.
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Infortunately true … 
This drawing is awfully strong/hard !