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Created Destruction

By yuumei
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Inspired by photos like these [link]

So people invented a lot of good things but also a lot of bad things. The good things: chocolate (jk), internet, computers, books, etc. The bad things: drugs, nuclear weapons, pollution, and etc. But pollution is getting pretty bad right now so why aren't there many major actions taken to stop this. So there are many organizations that are working on the problem but they won't get far unless the public is with them. (Most people say they agree but don’t really do much to help) And so a few laws were made to decrease pollution but is it really working? The problems are not just the factories, there's too much trash, too many cars, and it may not be so bad right now but it will be, and when we get there, I can tell you from personal experience that it will suck and many will regret it.

When I lived in China, the air was horrible. I had many respiratory problems and my mom's voice was always raspy due to the poisonous air. (Yes, it was poisonous, but of course the government tried to keep that a secret, though it got leaked out anyways….) After I arrived in the US, it felt wonderful. The sky was blue instead of grey and it was without thick smog. There was a beautiful park with huge lakes, lots of fish, birds, and other wildlife. I use to visit it all the time, but there was a period of time when I was unable to, then when I returned on my 12th birthday, I was in for a shock. Dead fish covered the lake shores in piles and roles, dead birds floated on the lake surface, and empty turtle shells were everywhere. The place was full of death. So due to our creations, are we on the path to destruction?

And as for the art...well, I think its obvious that I suck at drawing factories.... So the picture is basically of two giant human hands adding more parts to the factory to increase the production of destruction.
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Infortunately true … 
This drawing is awfully strong/hard !
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one of the many reasons on why the world will end due to the works of humanity.
great job humans!
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Kind of looks like Master Hand and Crazy Hand from Super Smash Bros, one creating new parts to a factory, and the other destroying parts of it.

It sort of fits, because of this theory that Master Hand is supposed to represent Creation, and Crazy Hand is supposed to represent Destruction.
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i think the concept is really awesome, but to me it looks like more like the two hands are coming out of the sky and destroying the factories by picking them up and dropping them
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reminds me of america today
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"The bad things: drugs"
To be fair, without drugs we wouldn't have a lot of the cures for illnesses. Not to mention all the wonderful art created thanks to people being on drugs.
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Some drugs can be a good thing... and even those who abuse harmful drugs mostly do it because they want to. If someone wants to destroy themselves I don't see the problem. If they value their life that little and don't want help then it's a waste of resources to help them.

And whilst I agree that not enough people care about about how we're damaging our planet, it doesn't help that the people with most of the money are driven only by greed, and everyone else has grown up in an environment where selfishness is rewarded even at the cost of others, and we're brainwashed into believing that acquiring material goods is our main purpose in life.

Anyway, keep up the good work :)
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I shall call it 4Chan
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Yuumei you definately do not suck at drawing factories, you got the point across very well. The artwork convey your message really well and I love the style.

I agree with Elusive, Yuumei is not disgarding technology rather than expecting to find better ways of doing what we are doing currantly. Although with all the emphasis on going green lately I think the world is in the correct mindset.

wait and see I guess.
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I think a lot of the people who commented that she's being hypocritical by favoring some inventions over others missed the point a little bit. It doesn't sound to me like she even implied we should do away with technology altogether but that more of an effort needs to be made to reduce the impact of the toxic wastes we produce. I think the whole idea is that if we're so intelligent and creative that we can come up with things like the internet (which is so fantastic) then we should come up with a way too keep the whole thing from blowing up in our faces from so much garbage and toxins. Pollution is the consequence of evolution but it doesn't have to be the end of it.
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Strangely enough, this has a Silent Hill feeling to it....
Here comes Alessa!
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It is similar to Olympic Games opening in London...... But it is smart
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In a kind of weird irony, nuclear power (based on Thorium rather than Uranium) [link] and [link] might be our best bet for a cleaner and more economical energy source. Originally, Thorium was the primary element used in nuclear energy research, however once WW2 developed and The Manhattan Project started researching the destructive power of Uranium, Thorium, which makes poor material for bombs, got lost in the excitement. As part of the radio program on CBC, where I first heard about Thorium, the advocate presented this type of nuclear reaction as much cleaner and safer because the reaction itself is 'self-limiting' and therefore meltdowns are unable to occur. Whether this is a potential cure for pollution remains to be seen, but it appears to be an interesting option.
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Why are you "just kidding" about chocolate?
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I would think in this way about this art: "The giant Chess: check.. , and mat (checkmate) xD"
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first off, if humans hadn't created/discovered drugs, we would still have a maximun lifespan of about 40 to 50 years, what some people do with them is their problem. Humans didn't "invent" nuclear weapons, as with most things some things were created for good purposes and were transformed into something completely different by other people. Pollution is the consequence of evolution, though industrial revolution was the first cause for pollution, we wouldn't live in the same world now, maybe a cleaner world, but you couldn't have travelled to the usa so much if it wasn't for it, as we evolved from the feudal to the industrial era, we will someday be able to reduce pollution to a minimum, not in our lifetime though. You said computers are good, but are actually mass produced by most of the factories that pollute the world, so that's not so good i think. Internet was an outstanding, amazing creation, still is used for many devious purposes, so it has it's downsides, i think the most valuable creation since the beginning of times was language, and i hope every single person would to apreciate it and use it correctly, cause that's what that is for, communication (i got off track by the way).

Humans will continue to evolve and do good as well as bad things (depends in each person's moral and ethics though), i hate animal trial, they say 'it's more ethically right', but nothing can be done about yet, someday we will be to understand it is wrong. Humans can be changed but it's up to them. I love your art, but i think you should see things from another perspective, keep up the good work and sorry for the long post.
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Very well said. The very technologies we use to try to express our disgust with pollution had a hand in it. The solution is not to eradicate technology (because no doubt it has its benefits), but to discriminate what is practical and what will enhance life against that which is impractical and will diminish a good life. If we do this, along with truly cleaner energy sources, we would naturally use much less. When we use less, it is healthier.
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for those who played alice madness returns, remember the doll maker xp ?
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Interesting. I didn't know a drawing can tell such a horrific story. Glad that you shared this.
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I live out in the country, so this particular theme in your gallery has always been a bit difficult to wrap my head around. I decided to look into it, and, after visiting New York City and seeing pictures taken in Linfen, China, I appreciate your work all the more.
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and that is were us humans are headed to. Exactly that horid future
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