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While many of us enjoy the luxury of watching TV on our couch with a cold can of soda or beer, the ice caps are melting at an alarming rate. Polar bears that need the ice to hunt and survive are drowning or starving; sometimes forced to search through dumpsters to survive.…

Global warming is undeniably here. 2000-present date was the warmest decade on record worldwide…. This is not part of the natural climate change but a human induced and an abnormally accelerated increase in temperature. Waiting for the countdown until all the ice caps and glacier have melted and water level has risen is not an option.

Many of us think that helping to prevent global warming is just about driving a hybrid car, or getting solar panels, which most people can't afford, so why bother?

While fossil fuel burning cars are a huge source of green house gasses, many other things also add up to create the problem. The manufacturing of anything takes up energy, which is usually created by burning fossil fuel like gas and coal. Relying on oil also lets big oil companies like BP and ExxonMobile get away with oil spills time and time again (with the most recent large spill in Yellowstone national park…) With that in mind, I'm not saying we should give up everything we own and live in the wild, but any amount of reduce, reuse, and recycle will lessen the amount of new products that needs manufacturing. And that's something we can all do.

Taking public transportation, carpooling, or riding a bike are a cost efficient and healthy way to save energy and money. Even eating less meat (especially cows and pigs), can greatly help because it takes more energy to raise a cow than some crops of the same nutritional value. Cows are also a huge source of methane, which is another type of greenhouse gases that's responsible for global warming.

There are many other small things that we can all do help the environment like turning off the lights when we're not in the room, or not using the AC or heater if we could just take off or put on a jacket instead.

Change is not waiting for the scientists and government to come up with the solution, change starts with the little things we can do everyday.

For more simple ways to help:
what we can do at home
Plant a billion trees
what the heck are we doing to arctic ice?

All profits from dA prints, not just from this image, are donated to environmental and animal welfare organizations.


It has come to my attention that my work closely resembles this one… which was made 2 years before mine. I have never seen this until after I posted my drawing, and people started telling me about the similarities between the two. I did not copy the idea and the similarities are purely coincidental. Congrats to pepey who came up with it first, but please do not assume that I plagiarized.

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The true tragedy is that, in the end, destructive human behaviour is almost entirley karmatic.

We ruin the earth with our greed and selfishness, we kill, plunder, and destroy, but in the end, it will be us, and us alone, who bare the consequences. We will snuff ourselves out, and we may take a great portion of terran life with us, but nature (and I consider nature to be a synonym for the universe) will not mourn that loss.

For nature never stops working. Given a million years, life on earth will recover, and perhaps an intelligent race will emerge once more, perhaps they will repeat our mistakes, or perhaps they will do what we never accomplished, and take life away from this rock among the stars.

Or perhaps we shall be the only sophonts among earth's children, and without a way to leave, terran life will die with it's parent once the sun has expanded enough.

We have a choice, to become an important part of the story of nature, or merley a villain from one of it's endless chapters.

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Change the title to Non issue

I'd like to show my class this as an inspiration class. I teach a 5th grade class and we are working on the idea that analyzing art and analyzing text are similar. We go through a process each day of analyzing a song, a piece of art, and a text which touch on similar topics and could be viewed as a conversation between the creators of the art and texts.

Коровы также являются огромным источником метана - это смешно.

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thank you for all your work towards nature and the environment. I appreciate it and I'm sure nature does too!

Amazing, that's all i can say...


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Fantastic, I love it!

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This is amazing and heartbreaking. I hope the people start to wake up!
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This is brilliant. Well done.

Can I use it on air

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Kinda surprised no one's quite getting it tbh.
Thank you for this! The art is beautiful and the meaning behind it is surely something.. I'm just surprised some people don't know what's really going on and then others are being so ignorant.
Beautiful! This. Is. Art.
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Yes, it is.  It has an important message to it, too.
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Thank you so much for this artwork! #savetheearth
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Congratulations on this necessary work. It's an excellent interpretation of our planet's ecosystem worrying situation.
Thanks for this! I hope its message gets spreaded world wide.
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but the republicans said the Chinese just made it up. And cigarettes don't cause cancer, gun regulation can't work even though it does in every other country because one city Detroit or something can't do it while surrounded by other counties without regulation, and the free market will decide despite monopolies just paying small fines for products that kill 1000s as the cost of business. 

Reality is a morbid comedy.

But your art is great
You are an amazing artist
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The detail on this is amazing! Keep up the good work!
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Very well done.  It's a shame as to why this had to be made, though.
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I Wish I Never scroll down, I love the polar bears though.
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This Pictures Amazing... So very Detailed & clever. Love it. Like the sentiment behind the image aswell.
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