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I found some really nice photos of various model portraits that I really liked, especially the ones with stronger emotions which I need more practice with. (you can find the original photo here… I didn't quite get the full emotions of the photo so I need to more practice)

Near the end of the painting I decided to add some of my own lighting and tattoo to it lol. The word on face is Chinese for hate. 

Black Stars by yuumei Better Tomorrow by yuumei Draw this again! - Sprinkle of Stars by yuumei Guilty by yuumei Breathe by yuumei
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I get the vibe that her resolve is more real and solid than the chaos about to engulf her, very nice :nod: 
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I really like it. The Chinese symbol tattoo was a beautiful addition, my favorite part of the piece! Her eyes are very intense too, and I like how her hair is caught in the wind - gives a violent sense of movement to the piece.
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Yeah, that's I feeling that we have all felt before that's for sure.
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I love this so much!
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It is gorgeous, I´m really interested, what emotion do you think, is missing? I can see anger and boldness in both. Maybe a glimpse of softness or hope is in the photo, that I miss here. I dunno, why I can see hope in the photo and I´m not sure. Could be wrong impression.
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I love the red glow. It's dramatic without being too intense
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I think the biggest difference between yours and the original is the lower eyelid, which almost seems to have some aegyo sal.
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Awesome art :love:
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Awe AweNo, I disagree!  so nice to look at.
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This is beautiful!
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I love ya drawings 😳
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Comparing the artwork and the reference, I believe that it's the squint that makes her hatred seem more intense. Otherwise, the lighting here is better since it's more intense!
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ooo this is amazing! It looks quite realistic, especially the skin~
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Beautiful art work!!!
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Strong emotions on portraits is something I gravitate towards as well...makes you wonder what this subject is thinking about that would draw that sort of expression...?
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I think you did a fantastic job and capured the emotions quite well! Also, the tattoo is a very fitting addition :)
wow. Awesome!!!
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