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I think this would fall into the category of something sublime, something that is better than the best, something perfect; there were times when I was watching it for a while and I felt that a few tears almost escaped me.
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I found it!

I have seen many beautiful pieces of art from you while searching for this particular picture.

I have seen it as the picture for a nightcore video and have found it. So happy. Saw quite a few from vids actually but your art is really pretty so it's no wonder people love it :)

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i'm crying this is too beautiful

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can we do an art trade pls?
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i love the emotion this piece portrays. stunning.
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You don't have a Daily Deviation?
You deserve one right now.
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This artwork look similar to a scene from the Jungle Book remake it was a beautiful and touching scene
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Heey, are you aware of your photo being used on youtube? here's the video in case you didn't…
I don't leave many comments on people's artwork, because I'm no art connoisseur, but I saw a picture you did, for the first time a couple of nights ago, and got an account here, just so I could tell YOU how much I love your work. 
So many talented people in the world, and so many show up right here, and you are, in my opinion top of the list as far as talent goes. 
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Love how bright your artworks are! Looked you up on tumblr as well but I already followed you there, guess I'm really bad with names :D (Big Grin) 
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The textures and just your art is great! Keep up the good work!
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OMG! This is beautiful! It reminds me of my dog i had when i was little. The lighting and shadowing is spot on. Honestly, even Simon Cowell would look at this and start crying at it's beauty.
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Wow, I love the lighting coming from below the figures! It really adds that freeze-frame effect!
I have seen this everywhere on Pinterest, I finally found it gehe
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Incredible do you take trades?
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This is absolutely incredible!! Do yoy have an Instagram??
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