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I always wanted to do an oni gas-mask design :D The text on her jacket says 顏 which is also my last name. It means (depending on context) color/face/prestige

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hey! can I use this as a DP for my page?

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Such beauty artwork. One day I will recreate this in photography

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Cyberpunk, urban Fantasy, this girl would fit in either.
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Looks awesome!

A bit of Chun Lo inspiration?

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I love the bold colours!
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Love it! The colors and lineart are kick-ass!

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Darnit Yuumei, this looks badass and extremely awesome.
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How I have missed your painting! And it's really cool :D
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Very effective.
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She is ready to kick some ass!

This is such a strong design, and those COLORS! Amazing.
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Wow, the new Akali skin is looking great.

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Alright. This is badass.
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Very girl Awesome
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Cool love the colors!
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Stay strong Hong Kong! 
Coming from a fellow angry citizen from Chile
Amazing painting!
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It would be so nice to have a bike helmet like this, and this would look so cool as a huge poster for a wall.
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Ooh, I love the graphic style on this one!! It looks like a comic poster, so cool!! ❤
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woah i really like the design of the mask!
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