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You are so amazing


Thank you for this. I need to see this today.
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i´ve found this here, looks great btw!

Wow! That's amazing picture. Realy Awesome!

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this is soooooooooooooooooooooo fantastic someone used this for a vid and song you should listen to it

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Dang... you're so talented!
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All these pictures, A lot of your art I have browsed invoke so much, I feel like I am there, I can feel the wind, or water, I can hear the sounds of these and experience scenes. Precious moments of creation of hue-man experience.
Love this Lone wolf.

So strong!

Amazing Yuumei!
Can I use this on a website called Animal Jam Clans Wikia? Credit will be given. Thanks!!!
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May I use this as a banner if I give all credit?
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This is lovely~ The detail is just :squee:
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I drew a picture almost identical to this, years ago.... obviously, less detailed and beautiful, but I loved the idea of a wolf struggling through a blizzard. Just looking at this makes me feel cold.

Excellent job!
Awesome! Print please ^^
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oh i wish this was a print! i'd love to buy this Heart 
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Wow the realism it just too great
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Saludos desde México
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I think you're such an amazing artist omg <3 The details and the colors and the overall drawing of your drawings are truly amazing. I wish I could draw as good of you, oh my goodness lol O.O You're so talented ;3

So... there's this one wolf OC I have, and I was wondering if maybe you could draw a reference for him? I have all the information you need to draw him, and can definitely provide more! :3 I think you're an amazing artist, and I'd love to see what you'd do for him. He's not very realistic, so that might be good lol? Idk. If you don't have the time to do this, or you don't want to, I'm perfectly fine with that! :3
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So beautiful! :O
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can I use your art for my anime wolves videos?
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