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Caged Heart

By yuumei

The boundless sky mocks me
Come out and play
In this vast beauty
Don't you want to spread your waxen wings?
And test the limits of high you can fly
Until you soar too close to the sun
And plummet back down
Into the shelter of your cages
Tending the wounds
And dreaming
Of the next escape


Everything in life is a risk. Between the fear of being hurt again, and the exhilaration of living life to the fullest; the highs and the lows, is worth it? I want to walk down the path of least regret.

I painted this one in a slightly different style, with a more painterly look with more Photoshop brushes instead of the usual paint tool SAI. I'll be posting a video recording of it soon! :D

In other news, I'll be at Anime Destiny this Sunday 2/21/2016 at the UC Berkeley Campus. It's a tiny 1 day con hosted by my university's anime club, and I always loved going there for nostalgia. It’s great to see all my college friends there and to make new friends as well. I'll be in the artist alley as usual and I hope to see you there! More info about the con

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from where you get inspiration, love the work

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If I saw this painting at the exhibition, I would stare at it in silence for eternity. It is so subtle and at the same time overwhelming. Truly beautiful.
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Lovely. I wish I could say more, but words fail. 
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This is absolutely gorgeous. You are the kind of artist who draws with meaning, and for that I salute you <3 Every work I've seen of you thus far has been a truly inspirational piece. I hope to one day draw as wonderful <3
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So beautiful ... 
If you ever see this, I want to tell you, your drawings give me such a warm feeling inside ...  
Good work as always! 
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This is .... words escape me. Sort of

Thank you for sharing.
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OH! I saw this speedpaint drawing on youtube!! :OO I didn't realize that was you!
This is so creative and amazing looking! You are an amazing artist!
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i love the imagery ! the bird heart in her rib CAGE hahaha brilliant !!
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This is fucking beautiful, I´m crying
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One of the best pieces of art I've seen in my life... every time I see it in my suggestion panel I open it just to gaze at it...
The beating heart
Of a mortal soul
Freezes time
When all can hear
The beat of life
That carries souls
From one moment
To the next
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Thank you so much for uploading a video tutorial of this! As i watched it the process, time and effort and meaning all started to become more clear and it was really moving. 
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OMG your art is so beautiful and great I really like your style,your art and your ideas for drawing too😍
I hope I could draw this beautiful ❤
I have to confess your art is wondrous and spectacular to witness especially this piece, it has that poetic feel to it like for instance
Maya Angelou's piece "I know why the caged bird sings" but nevertheless continue your wonderful work with passion and love as always god bless..
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