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Brush Tests 3


Another Photoshop brush test I did a few days back. Some people asked me why I'm switching from SAI, I'm not switching but I want to expand my skillset and styles and being more comfortable with Photoshop is a great way to learn :) we should always challenge ourselves to new things.

In other news, my wonderful SO's family is visiting so I will be a bit mia due to that. I'll do my best to keep up with inktober though!

HD files and video process on 
Credit for photo reference goes to the amazing SachaKalis

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Drowning Me by yuumei I by yuumei Breathe by yuumei Black Stars by yuumei Out of My Mind by yuumei

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Wow, this is outstanding

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Phenomenal profoundness! <3

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Hi Yuumei! Love the image! Almost giving off a metaphor of "breathing in" nature. Pausing and taking that moment to literally feel nature's nurturing all around you.

Would it be possible to post this on youtube with an epic orchestral composition backing it?

I will include this link and the link to your artist profile for DeviantArt as well as send you the vid as a private link before posting! :)

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I got your follow but no response. Is this account automated?

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Hi, I made a small animated GIF based on your awesome work.

Brush Tests 3 - Animated Version by TimTaller

Hope you like it
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This is literally my favourite work among everything I've seen so far, gratz.

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You could tell me it was real water and I would believe you. 
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If you pay VERY CLOSE attention.... You can see that this person is WAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYY better than me at drawing
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this is amazing! :la:
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I have chosen to feature your picture on "My Top Favourite Artist's" section on my website here @:
I am still in the process of making this website but Full Attribution will be given and also backlinks to the actual Image aswell as your Gallery also. If you would like me to remove the Image for any reason Please contact me or PM me. I hope you don't, but it is still your choice. Your work is amazing. Hope you don't mind me featuring you, but it will get your profile more views. if you would like any more images or even a dedicated gallery page please let me know. It may take a few days to fill out all the attribution info and get the backlinks working properly for each individual image. Kind regards Tao..
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Yeah, those are some finely rendered water visuals girl. Very live like. :clap:
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New technique looks soo marvelous and lovely ^^
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Gorgeous effects! Love this so much, the brushes clearly work. 
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Now listen to Enya music while admiring this flawless painting...a wonderful experience.
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My new wallpaper atm
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My god, your art is amazing! I really need to start looking into how to paint like that.
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i can't give up looking at your excellent art!
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I have not logged on to DeviantArt in years....but I do follow them on Instagram.  This piece made me log back in to DA.  I love it!!
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The water is so convincing that my brain tried to focus on the waves closer to my eyes but couldn't. It felt weird.
Well done.
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