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From the depth of the ocean
To the limitless sky
Open a book, open your mind
This world is boundless
So let your imagination fly


Happy almost Thanksgiving, everyone!

I grew up in a small apartment in China and was raised by my grandparents. When I'm not studying or doing homework, I would go into the office/storage room where all the books are kept and flip through all the books about animals. The photos and illustrations of all the different species always fascinated me and inspired me to learn, understand, and draw the world around me. It gave me a glimpse beyond the rundown apartments and the grey skies of China that I grew up in. Even though the storage room was no bigger than a bathroom, with those books, the walls opened up and the world became boundless.

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Gorgeous work!! <3
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Can you answer me?

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Can I use it as a photo broadcast?

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Can I use it to broadcast pictures?

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Can I use it on air

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Can I use it as a background photo broadcast?

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I saw this as a puzzle and had to track down the artist. Amazing work truly sparks the imagination.

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Words can't express how wonderful this is! I love this art.This is my wallpaper since 2016 until now 2019.

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it is boundless
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Beautiful.  I just purchased this print.
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I'd sacrifice my arms and legs to be able to attain reality-warping powers, just to make a room like this.
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This is gorgeous! amazing job!
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You are sure imaginative :aww: great work!
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This drawing has been the background of my phone since like 2015 (2 phones ago lol) and never got to comment.

I love it! this is a surreal and amazing take on what imagination can take you when you get in depth thought.  
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I always enjoy contemplating your art and reading the caption/description. It's so inspiring to me
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this is by far my favourite piece you've created
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I would have given anything to have a room like that in my house. Man, those were the days, where I could pick up my Lord of the Rings books, and there I was, standing on the walls of Minas Tirith as I watched Rohan horsemen charge the Orc army below on the Pelennor Fields. 

Ah~. The places books can take you! An excellent piece, from the waves of the ocean to the stars in the sky, and the girl's expression of wonder all combine to create a beautiful tapestry honoring the spirit of human imagination and the magic of words.
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I actually saw this on Pinterest, & recreated it! I’m so psyched to have actually found you on deviant art! I love this piece so much!!
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madisonpaxton112712.deviantart… mines not near as amazing as yours, but I was very inspired!
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Reminds me of myself when I find a good book.
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