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Bleeding Heart


This is an unfinished painting that I tried to do over the summer but gave up on. I mentioned in the comment area of this post Origami Winged Koi by yuumei that I had problems drawing due to family issues so I folded origami instead. This painting was one of the many that I tried to do over that period of time but just couldn't continue. I found it in my folder today and decided to post it as it is.

The bleeding heart is a plant… native to Eastern Asia.

PS. I've been suuuuupeeeeer busy with college so if I didn't answer your note for a week or more... (maybe a month?! D: ) I'm sorry! But I will get to them when I can...

Drawn in Paint tool SAI.
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this painting is stunning. would you consider selling this art or making it available for use on a blog about healing from grief and loss? thank you.
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this is amazing x__x
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soo beautiful! love it soo much! <3
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I LoVe this so much! :meow:
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Unfinished? It looks pretty strong and solid to me. O_o 

Not only that, but it's amazingly poignant and beautiful! Definitely makes me feel...

Wonderful work..
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Maybe its incompleteness adds to the completion. An artist's emotions are apart of the art, after all. I find incomplete artwork to be rather inspiring...
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I don't realy have words............
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man this is awesome..
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I LOVE THIS! It is achingly beautiful and has a lonely and desolate feel to it. plus the colors are awesome~
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I found this while researching art that makes use of hearts, be it human or conceptual. This is actually pretty close to what I was drawing (the chasm in the chest, I mean), though I highly doubt I can pull it off with the ease and general awesomeness of yours. Keep up the brilliant work. :rose:
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very beautiful
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My mom has these plants. :heart:
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very powerful and very beautiful
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This was absolutely my favorite piece that I bought of yours and I'm really glad that you had it this year for sale at AX. Thanks for signing it! Her eyes pulled me in immediately when I walked by your booth and your work actually inspired me to start drawing again. I really enjoy your style and I will be looking for you booth next year and hope to see more of your amazing work!
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Wow !! her face pulls me in... :omfg: :omfg:
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i have those flowers in my garden:3
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I'm learning english so... i'm going to write something in spanish xD


I actually love it♥
It's too expressive and realistic (Y)
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