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Between Today and Tomorrow


You can read Knite for free at Knite: Chapter 1 by yuumei

This 27x18 inch poster is for sale at :star:… :star: :D and you can save on shipping if you buy it with the first poster, "Bringer of Stars" Knite: Bringer of Stars by yuumei online right now at :star:… :star: :) Please purchase one to support the comic. I spend a lot of time drawing the chapters for everyone to read for free online while being a full time university student. I really need any support I can get to help pay for tuition, and to continue making the comics free online. Thank you! :hug:

Also 10% of all profit will be donated to Word Wild Life Fund and other environmental organizations :D

About the art:

I wanted to show that China is a changing country in this drawing. Every time I visit my homeland, I notice so many changes that I can barely recognize the place. Industrialization is occurring so quickly that you can find brand new skyscrapers right next to little shacks and slums.

The Chinese people are looking forward to enjoying the simple things in life like owning a computer or car, and living in a house that doesn't have leaky roofs. Yet there is a unique culture that will be lost along with the impoverished past.

With the building of new apartments, traditional wood and brick houses will be torn down. The word "拆" in red on the the white wall in the right side of the picture means "demolish". It marks the grounds that will be replaced with skyscrapers. Many people are forced to move out, and the displaced population are usually too poor to afford the newly built apartments. Also all the continuous constructions create a lot of dust and air pollution. There is always a grey haze in the cities.

This is the inevitable future that the Chinese people must face since humans must move forward, and Sen notices the disparity of it all. They are only students right now, but they will grow up to be leaders. Between the conflicts of the past, present, and future, the Knites will try to change China for a better tomorrow.

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I find this depressing, looking back on the 9 years since and all I have learned about China in that time, what could have been real, but isn’t. So much of China’s progress is an illusion. And that’s all Communism can ultimately offer, a world of illusions, impossible fantasies, for the term “Utopia” was coined by Sir Thomas Moore as a bleak joke, for it literally means “Nowhere”.
I used to love the silly sounding poem, “The Big Rock Candy Mountains”. Now, whenever I imagine that world, all the hobos have Marx’s face.
妈耶,这不是在说中国⁄(⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)⁄
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damn what a a level!!! those red ties are well placed!!!
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This is very emotional :heart: Its really sad that people demolish all those traditional buildings in favor of modern ones. I'm not saying that being modern is bad, but I think we have to try to keep the traditions as well :)
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Nice job on the perspective, it looks great! I also like the fact that it holds so much meaning in regards to how China is changing as a country. Well done! :)
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I love how there's a deeper meaning and story to every of your artwork and it just makes me appreciate them more. I feel that China's situation is not something that is often talked about or it being well-known despite its severity, so thanks for creating awareness about it through your art. 
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Awe its so Gorgeous! :3
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Hey would you mind telling me how you managed to create the red glowing effect? It looks so good!
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Teach me how to paint those beautiful background pleeeaasssee //kneelingdown 
so gorgeous! WOW 
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Every image you upload is a piece of art!
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I really like the universe you try to create trought your creations!
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Between today and tomorrow are the best moments of our lives.
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i absolutely love your Knite tale.
I hope it continues, the art is very beautiful, its story deep and meaningful and the culture it portrays is unlike anything i know. I love it. ^_^
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omg, s beautiful! 
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OMG unreal. this is the level i want to be at.
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You're imagination is so... Dafuq I can't tell :D it's so awesome.
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how to download in 1920x1080?
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gorgeous!! >.< 
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OMG! So beautiful!!!!!!! O_O
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