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December 22, 2017
Better Tomorrow by yuumei
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Better Tomorrow


Even when the world is filled with sorrow
I will keep painting for that better tomorrow
A repaint of my 2009 drawing, Hope and Despair. Some people have mentioned how this new version feels more hopeful than the original. I feel that way too. I've been very happy these days, and it feels like everything will be alright again :)

Thank you again to everyone who reached out and supported me when I was feeling down during the beginning of this year. I've been working on a lot of different projects, and I'm excited to share with everyone when things are ready!

Here's the video tutorial of how this was created by integrating 3D backgrounds and you can get a print of this on my online shop at

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This piece just takes your breath away. Amazing

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Wow, this is me during the pandemic

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You have painted my life-view! Always the optimist! Love it Yuumei :airborne:

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it reminds me ... Sweating a little...  there is a gray city outside and I use too bright colors because I want to drive away the gray (or even the normal colors seem more or less gray to me, so I have to color them even more to a bright level) Meow :3 

"Even when the world is filled with sorrow
I will keep painting for that better tomorrow "  I am a dummy!  new anthem of artists =P (Razz) 
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Your art is so beautiful!!
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Wow, wonderful art.

I am Come from Berzox YT

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So I got some info wrong (it's been a hot second since I've watched it) but it is still a beautifully animated short that truly deserves as much love as possible.
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This might have been said before but this looks so much like an animated short from CGI meet up on youtube I saw. She ends up painting something so realistic that it becomes real or something. Idk but she is able to walk through her painting. And the characters, set up, and plot looks very similar, heck even the painted scene on the wall looks familiar
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Thank you for sharing such fantastical work!  Absolutely love your style.
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I guess art was always necessary O.o
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Beautiful.  I just purchased this print.
MarthaLaufej's avatar
exactly why I paint, thanks for the reminder <3
Thenerdicat134975's avatar
Me too.   Learned drawing since I was four 
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OMG ! 
Amazing !! Oops! :happybounce: Clap Heart 
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Mind blown. I love it!
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Absolutly stunning!
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More and more relevant...
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This one's my favorite!
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an optimist and a dreamer? beautifull and thought-provoking
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I found your amazing work by accident on Youtube.... drifted over to your Insta and here to DA, getting more impressed by the second. You are amazingly talented! This is just a wonderful piece :)
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