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Before I Grow Up

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This is how the milky way was created!

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are you going to save the world?
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There are artist then there are dreamers you yuumei are a dreamer 
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Whoa, my mind is actually blown! The concept portrayed is endearing, the colors are gorgeous, and the visual guiding is smooth and satisfying. This is stellar work (somewhat literally)!
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This is really nice. I like the colours. The paint cans spilling and leaving trails reminds me of a book I had as a kid called The Colour Kittens.
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Me too!!!! : D
This piece is one of my absolute favorites. It beautifully captures the innocence and magical creativity of childhood
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This is so beautiful.
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Damn...I'm speechless.
How do I buy this one?
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I love this painting so much that I decided to use it for a school project: NHD (National History Day). I was building a website to prove my thesis that computers are amazing. A lot of your work is in the digital art section. And I won first place in my middle school! I think your art made a big impact on this! Thank you. 

This is the link to my website:

(and it's called "circuitboar" because I was using Weebly to build my website for free, and "circuitboard" was already used. Also Weebly makes you pay if you want more features on your website, and I was not going to pay for that.)

I did credit you on the page with the images and and my bibliography section.

Thank you again!!!!
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I like all those buckets with colours and stars.
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great work, i loved, can i use for mi cellphone??
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this music goes with this art piece.
Colour Bandit by PJ Ligouri… 
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Ok, I've wanted to say that from the first time when I saw your art. I love the way you color you pics. The colors feel really vibrant and fresh. Every drawing has its own and unique climate. Keep up with your work!
~Greetings from Poland~
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