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Because We Live


This is a gift art for a good friend of mine who have helped me a lot over the years :)

We are both environmentalists and she really loves Princess Mononoke (as do I) so she wanted something related to that. I was rewatching the movie when I noticed the theme about keep on living despite all odds, because no matter how bad things are, as long as we live, we can try to make it better.

Here is the process on how I made this drawing Princess Mononoke Process by yuumei

Drawn in Paint tool SAI.
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excellent... wish i could get this ...
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love the movie amazing art Heart 
Could you send me this picture in a higher quality by email? I warship it and want to print it in xxxl and put it on my wall :3
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Hi Yuumei, your art is so awesome and I've been following you for many years now. I wanted to let you know that this art piece in particular is being used in a postcard set. I don't know if it's being used without your permission or not. I saw the postcard set in China and noticed that one of the postcards has this fan art in it. It is a myazakihayao postcard set by "Mr. Paper."

I don't know if there's anything you can do with this info, but I wanted to let you know.
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The background is amazing.
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Yuumei damn so awesome! 
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I've seen this a few times in the past with soundtracks to the movie, but glad to finally find the original art work :) I just watched the film for the first time back in March and I have fallen in love with the movie...maybe a little too much for on the last day of school for me, I brought the movie to watch and probably made 20 8th graders think I'm nuts O_O
Oblivous-Serenato's avatar
I love how you did the background. 
no. Seriously. why are you so awesome? 
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Wow, Amazing!!! (The Progress pick was very interesting btw! )
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Another person selling your art on Amazon…
Mayonaka-no-Karasu's avatar
Oh my god...I can't believe my eyes.
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I just saw this on Amazon and recognized your work. Someone stole it :(…
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>.< *extreme fangirling* amazing!
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One of my favorite movies ever. Absolutely beautiful piece. Thank you for sharing it. =) 
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I just love this movie and I'm so happy that you made a fanart about this 
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I LOVE That movie!and amazing workBig Fool Emoji-1 (Thumbs Up) [V2] 
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so your the one that did this amazing princess mononoke picture :D i love this <3
Aoi-Yanagi-Chan's avatar
Loved Mononoke! It's been a while since I watched it, but it was still a great movie! Loved your drawing!
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is that a deer in the very far back, in the yellow light?
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you must watch the movie to know best;) You wont loose
cookiegirl14's avatar
what's the movie again? ^^;
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