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Bad Morning


The tedious process of combing out bedhead each morning... Who else feels this pain?

Finally had some time to draw yesterday after spending weeks on setting stuff up with the 3D artists who will be helping me on my comics :D

Lastly, I will be at Fanime this year! I still don't know my table number yet but I will announce it as soon as I find out!

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looks good....I don't get it, why is it called Bad Morning

Miss Michiru Kaioh, I presume?
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Gosh, I cannot find the correct the words to say just how breathtakingly AMAZING your art is ! You have such incredible talent, I'm absolutely mesmerized as I look at your art, I'm not even joking !
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Oh, how lovely those curls are. I always envy people with natural curls because I can't have them for more than an hour (at least not without lots of styling cream, which I don't like to use).
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I love how scintillating her hair is and how sad she looks. :+favlove:
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this was used by one of those music channels
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Absolutely gorgeous!
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I totally know the feeling lol XD Lovely Artwork! ^^
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I wish my hair was like that! It's so wavy!
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Great work on this, it look fantastic
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every morning :')
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i'd be happy if i had a bedhead like that
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deviantartist94's avatar
you are my new favorite artist <3
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I like the color effects. Awesome man
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Awesome art... <3
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Awesome details. I'm a fan!
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so beautiful! I wish i had those color skills
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Gyah, I hate that so much... I find it easier to deal with though if I braid it before going to bed. Still annoying though, my goodness >_<
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I have this problem too lol. long + thick = this
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Eheh... I don't have this problem at all. My hair is easy to comb despite being long.
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