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Axent Wear Update 2

By yuumei

Hi Axent Wear​ backers, this is a follow up update for this post.

My co-founder and I are still working to resolve some internal differences. I'm sorry again for the lack of official updates on the Axent Wear site. As you might know, I am only part of the company and not in full control of all decisions. I hope my co-founder and I will be able to officially update everyone soon, but I cannot make any promises since I am not in control of my co-founder's decisions. In the mean time I will make sure to update everyone as much as I can on my own accounts.

I have noticed there are some rumors and misinformation floating around the internet, so I want to clarify a few things. A website stated we estimate the delivery date to be in September. We never made that announcement and I've tried contacting the website but they did not respond. We also noticed that a lot of e-mails went missing when sent to the e-mail, so we've switched over to Please use this new e-mail for all future customer service inquires.

There are also a lot of misunderstandings about the situation with my co-founder. I can only say that it is very complicated and my attorneys and business consultants are doing everything we can to resolve the issue. People have been suggesting potential solutions in regards to my co-founder, and while I appreciate everyone's attempt to help, please understand that everything that can be done, has been done. There are a lot of complicated legal limitations to consider which is why my attorneys have been working hard on it. I also want to assure everyone that I am paying for the legal fees myself, and I would only use the backer's money to make the headphones.

With that said, we're currently looking at manufacturing proposals. While I can't make any promises. I hope to be able to officially update everyone soon with more information on when the headphones will be delivered.

I understand the delay comes as a disappointment to many who wanted the headphones as a birthday present or gift for loved ones. Manufacturing is a complicated process with a lot of unforeseen difficulties. I'm sorry again for the delay, and I completely understand if you would like a refund. Please send your name, paypal e-mail address, and order date to our customer service at and we will process your refund within 3 business days.

I will continue to do my best to update everyone and deliver the headphones in light of these complications with my co-founder. Thank you all again for the continued patience and support.
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I love this image. I first noticed it on a package at a local Barnes and Noble.  From there I found your site.  I do love this image, and would ask that you please consider selling it as a print. (I know I will buy)

This woman, she seems so calm and tranquil.  I don't want to say "lost in the music" as that'd be cliche, but I'd say unaffected and separate from all around her.  Even the weather has no effect on her.  Very well done.
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i have those headphones, and i am in love with them!! and when i got them last year, i never thought that the art on the packaging was made by one of my favorite digital artists. <3
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I got the first edition of the Headphones but they broke....But now I have the bluetooth and I love all the colors!!!
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teach me. Your so AMAZING!!!!!!
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This art is on the box of my cat ear headphones! I just HAD to look you up!
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I want a blue set SOOOOOOOOOO badly!
BonnieTheSlaveLatias's avatar
These headphones are amazing!
Lovely11812's avatar
i have seen these in store now and i got so excited when i did
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I've tried to contact you on two previous occasions. My mother ordered the headphones way back when you did the GoFundMe, but since it doesn't appear that the product will be made anytime in the near future she would like to be refunded. Thank you.
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Looks cool, but I don't really get the point of the ear speakers, most people wear headphones to keep what they are listening to private and not bother others.
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Saw these for sale in the mall I worked at seasonally this past holiday-couldn't afford it, but my friends were subjected to my total geek-out!
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Those headphones are from Brookstone
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Brookstone is one of her vendors. She along with her friends, came up with the idea, designed, and marketed them.
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Excellent work!
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dunno if it would look on boys but damn i want those >:I
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Totally getting those XD seen em in my town once.
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Love your work....
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This look really good! :D
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