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Autumn Snow

HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!!! This picture did not come out the way I wanted it to but I really wanted to update this on Thanksgiving so yeah... anyways....there's nothing much about the picture, it just a random person with some falling leaves. Though that person seems to have an evil smile on his face....I bet his thinking somewhere along the lines of "MUAHAHAHA, I'm gonna steal your turkey!" ... ^^;

Have a happy holiday!
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I love the jacket~!
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haha! He can't steal my turkey, because Thanksgiving is in October in Canada, so SUCK ON THAT, MOTHERF-

ehem, really awesome picture. :la: fall is really the best of seasons :heart:
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I Love it! It´s wonderfull <3
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Found you!!

I came across this picture somewhere on the interwebz and loved it, but had no idea where it came from.
... But here it is! (Yay!)

Very lovely work here. =3
PinkySwirls6348's avatar
I want a coat like that!
PinkySwirls6348's avatar
Just magical. Love the colours and detail!
That's a very nice illustration. It stole my heart instantly! However, the first time I saw it I was in Athens and the illustration was included in a poster for a flower fair. Congratulations on publishing it! I also have a picture of the poster if you wish I can send it to you. Anyway, congrats again!
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Really nice! I especially like the way he seems to be catching the autumn leaves. =)
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That person looks ALOT like Sasori of the Akatsuki XD He even has the same "emotionless eyes, and evil grin" Sasori has... Same hair style and eye colour; sorta. X3 Love the picture, very beautiful <3
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Reminds me of it.
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I thought it was a she :P Hot either way though ;)
Anyhow, I think this drawing is too awesome to just hang around on deviantART, he deserves to be a character in an anime or something :D
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eeee soooo cool ^_^
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That's really cool...
I like the detail in the jacket!
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so beautiful...:heart:
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IM looooooveing the colors!! So warm and cozy it makes me want to have a cup of hot chocolate!! mmmmmm hot chocolate. (made some) the only thing i would change is his skin color a bit but other than that its perfect. :giggle: :hug:
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he looks so happy... cute picture!!!:heart:
Lovely colours. :D
Kinda looks like Sasori from Naruto.
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Ooo, nice. I like the colours and the perspective.
Very awesome.
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I have featured this wonderful piece in my latest journal [link]
If you would like for me to remove it please let me know :nod:
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I love the colours and the background. The jacket is awesome.

I wish jackets came with that many pockets installed.
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Amazing! (I love Autumn). ^__^ (frogg smile)
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i love his jacket
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Plain awesome :eyepopping:
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