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Augen Auf Playing Card Ad



NOTE: The cards are currently not for sale. Sorry about this! People, please stop sending me your money! I honestly wasn't expecting more orders when sales are closed so I haven't been checking the e-mails and I just saw $60+ in my account -_-


Yes!!! the Augen Auf Cards are finally ready! Here's all the cards in the deck [link] :D The cards are like any regular deck of playing cards with a plastic film that's water proof. The price is $15 per deck. Shipping is $2 for 1 or 2 decks within the US. Free shipping within the US for purchase of more than 3 decks.

For example:
1 deck + shipping within US = $17
2 decks + shipping within US = $32
3 decks + shipping within US = $45

For shipping out of US:

Canada: $3 for 1 deck, $5 for 2 or 3 decks, free for 4 decks or more

Any where else in the world: $6 for 1 deck, $10 for 2 decks, $13 for 3 decks, $15 for 4 decks.

The shipping is through regular UPSP snail mail which is not 100% safe (might get lost on the way, stolen, etc) , and extremely slow (might take up to a month) if you would like special priority shipping, or UPS shipping, the price will vary depending on what kind.

If you're interested in bulk purchase for resale in stores or at conventions, I will sale the cards for $10 per deck for purchase of 25 decks or above.

How to purchase:

E-mail me at AugenAufCards@gmail.com DO NOT note me on dA, please use the e-mail.

In the e-mail, include the following information

Your name:
Your address: (number, street, city, state, zip code, country. Please write the address the way you would put it on an envelope. Do not put it all in one line, especially if you're from a different country.)
Number of decks:
Paypal account e-mail: (if you can't use Paypal, tell me and we'll work something out.)
For shipping outside US or special shipping, I will give you a price first, then you can pay me.

My paypal account is AugenAufCards@gmail.com I will mail the cards after I receive the payment.

After I have received the payment and mailed the cards, I will e-mail you to tell you the cards are on the way. How long it takes for cards to arrive varies depending on how far you live from California. Please understand that I can't run to the post office 24/7, I'm in a university with tons of work, so I will not immediately mail the cards right after I receive the payment but I will as soon as possible.

If it has been over a month and you still haven't received your cards, please tell me about it! I'm not here to steal your money so please tell me if you never received the cards.

That's all :D feel free to ask me any questions through e-mail or dA note.
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